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Review: Motorola S3001 Seniortelefon

If you want Grandma or Grandpa to make a great pleasure, buy a senior phone. If you are convinced that Grandma and Grandpa have no problems with the technical innovations, the Motorola Seniortelefon will decide. Because this device has numerous advantages and hardly any disadvantages. The advantages are obvious. The phone looks very good and it has a lit display. This makes it easier for the seniors to enter the number correctly and, of course, to see. The phone is easy to use and is easy to learn. This makes every phone call a great pleasure because from now on it is possible for the grandparents to take the phone also into the garden and to telephone.  

Simply order and unpack

The phone can be ordered very quickly and easily. No problems will arise. The unpacking is however here the much greater joy, which will definitely be a highlight. The phone must, of course, be connected to a suitable telephone box. A fixed line connection is required to operate this phone. If it is connected then it can begin with the telephone pass.  

The instruction

Motorola has not only made a lot of effort with the phone itself, but also has an easy-to-understand and senior-friendly guide packed with it. This makes this phone an indispensable helper. The learning of the individual characteristics of this unit will be easy with the instructions in any case and thus the first phone call can be done soon. The phone should of course be fully charged before the first call, only then can it be used without problems. Now it can start however with the call and telephone and everyone can also deal with it.  


The large keys are also perfect for seniors. They will be able to use the phone perfectly, and everything else will be easy to handle. For those who can not see the numbers so well, usually does not even need to put on the glasses to type the number. Furthermore, with this phone also the option of the telephone book. This is also very often desired, because the numbers can not only be stored, but it can also go faster so that someone is reached. Of course, the corresponding names can also be saved directly with the numbers. All this has only advantages and will also be perfect for some users. The user of the phone will soon no longer want to miss it.  

The call quality

It is very important with such a telephone that the language is very well understood. If the Grandma or the Grandpa carry a hearing aid, then they also need a telephone, which can be adjusted very loudly. All this will bring the device. This will certainly not be over-rated and there will be no misunderstandings.  

the display

The display is illuminated and of course also with large numbers and letters. The display also shows the set time and the current date.  

The ringtones

Of course, the existing ring tones are also worth mentioning. These can be set nicely loud. But there are also several ring tones that are available for selection. So this phone is definitely heard and no call is lost. When the children or grandchild call, this phone will bring even more joy.


Conclusion guyOnly with a good phone can everything be easier. This phone will be easy to use and it is also great fun to call everyone. The phone will provide great fun in the everyday life of grandma and grandpa. Due to its high-gloss surface, it also looks very elegant. The phone is easy to learn and also that is very important for seniors. Because when a new technology is introduced at home, this often entails numerous problems. In any case, a great pleasure can be made with this phone, and anyone who takes into account the benefit of Motorola's senior phone will definitely make the grandparents happy. The phone is also durable and will last a long time. This can be done. Of course, this is only possible as far as the range allows. All in all, this phone is a great device that will be worth buying. Also, the device is not expensive and that is another point to opt for the phone.

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