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Review: Motorola CD301 Seniortelefon


The box contains: - Charging Station - a cordless handset - connecting cable for connecting the charging station to the telephone jack - Product - warranty card from the manufacturer (valid for 3 years from date of purchase)  

Motorola CD301 Seniortelefon - Product Description

The colors of the charging station and the handset are gray and black. The call acceptance and hang up buttons are color-coded for a better distinction. The green handset icon is used to answer calls. When the call is ended, press the red handset icon on the corresponding key. The charging station has a push button, which serves as a hands-free function while the handset is on the charging station. This can charge during a phone call. The handset is ergonomically shaped and lies well in the hand. In addition to the listening buttons, there are ten number softkeys, an asterisk key, a rhombus key, a hands-free key with a green hands-free icon, an elongated menu key with a double function, and a rectangular key for selecting certain menu options. The soft buttons are easy to press and are particularly large, so that seniors with a visual weakness can recognize the buttons more easily. Over the buttons is a 1.8 inch large display with strong background lighting, which is held in a warm yellow. The display is divided into three sections. The upper bar has two icons, the power indicator on the left, and the current battery power on the right. Below are the numbers and the menu bar. The numbers are displayed particularly large, so they are easily readable for seniors. In the lower bar, you will find the menu on the left and the option to delete the entries made on the right. A zoom function is integrated to increase and decrease the font on the display. The menu is adjustable in German and is easy to understand with simple terms. The battery provides a maximum talk time of 16 hours, while in standby mode the battery lasts up to 200 hours. The manufacturer speaks of a high energy efficiency of the product, referring to the energy saving mode. The dimensions of the individual elements are: Handset: 176 x 56 x 32 mm Charging station / base: 135 x 107 x 47 mm  

Technical details

Especially for the hearing impaired the setting of a particularly loud ringtone is very important. The device offers 15 polyphonic ringtones. Up to 100 entries can be made in the address book, sorted alphabetically. In the case of an incoming call, the call number (CLIP) is only displayed if this is enabled by the telephone company with which a telephone contract exists. For seniors this is recommended to identify callers in time. The last 30 incoming or outgoing calls are stored in the call list. The repeat button guarantees quick access to the last dialed number. During a telephone call, the handset can be muted, so that a free call is possible without the caller being able to listen to the call. The analog cordless telephone is set to the transmission standards DECT and GAP. With the "Paging" function, the handset can be quickly retrieved when it has been moved.  

Motorola CD301 Seniortelefon - Extras

The fixed telephone is compatible with hearing aids and there is no feedback during use. Seniors can therefore wear the hearing aid during a telephone call with the handset. A headset or headphone can be connected to a jack socket. The Motorola CD301 Seniortelefon is also suitable for non-German speaking seniors as the menu language is available in the following languages: - English - French - Italian - Dutch - Portuguese - Spanish - Turkish - Greek


Conclusion guyThe overall score for the Motorola CD301 Seniortelefon falls well. The cordless handset is equipped with large keys and a clear menu navigation in several languages. The brightly lit display has a zoom function for a better readability of the letters and numbers. The ergonomically designed phone is well placed and is suitable for longer calls. Thanks to the CLIP function, senior citizens can see in advance who is calling, if this is enabled at the responsible telephone company. This makes it possible to avoid unwanted calls. Hearing aids do not have to be removed, the terminal is compatible, a headset or headphones can also be connected to the jack socket. The Motorola CD301 Seniortelefon convinces with simple, structured and efficient functions and is easy to use without the help of third parties.  

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