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Test report: Medion Life P63009 Seniortelefon

Even if the mobile phones from our everyday life are not to be imagined, the fixed-line phones have not lost any of their attractiveness. Especially in elderly people these devices are still very popular. It is therefore all the more important if these are adapted to the needs of older people. For this reason, the Medion Life P63009 Seniortelefon has secured a firm place on the market. It is due to the high quality materials and their fine adjustment of all the details. 

Commissioning - completely uncomplicated

In order to make calls with the Medion Life P63009 Seniortelefon, no major precautions are necessary. The basic prerequisite is a Telefondose, which is unlocked. Then the consumer simply has to connect the telephone cable with the telephone box and ready. Dial the number, wait until the call participant declines and talks for hours.  

Scope of delivery - ingenious

All seniors who opt for the Medion Life P63009 senior phone will not only get the phone themselves. It also includes a base station, two network adapters, a charging station, the telephone cable, another handset and 4 x AAA 600 mAh NiMH batteries. Obviously the user gets an instruction manual. That is, unpack after delivery, connect, finished.  

Place - no topic

Setting up the Medion Life P63009 Senior Phone is no problem. This is because the basic product dimensions are 162 x 46 x 110 mm. Thus, a suitable place can be found on every desk. The handsets measure 52 x 175 x 27 millimeters. The black color and the design, which is timeless, also contribute to an optimal storage location being found quickly. The device is compatible with all other equipment. Also the weight of 1.5 kilograms is hardly worth mentioning.  

Perfect equipment

Medion's senior telephone is a true all-rounder. This is due to the many functions that the consumer can use. This includes, for example, that the telephone is equipped with an answering machine. This jumps whenever the consumer can not answer the call himself. When this is to happen, the consumer decides. That is, it can adjust how often the phone should ring before the announcement is played. The recording time is a maximum of 15 minutes, very long. In addition, the consumer is free to discuss the answering machine himself or to use the possibility to select the two spoken announcement texts. In addition, the consumer can remotely listen to the answering machine. Thus, important queries can be dealt with immediately. Furthermore, the phone is owned by an LCD display. This is reflected, for example, by the time and capacity of the battery. If a caller leaves a message, the consumer also draws the symbol from the answering machine. This is immediately visible when messages are received. The range of cordless handsets is different. As a rule, this is 50 meters in the interior and 300 meters in the outside. Depending on the weather, this value may differ. In the event that the consumer leaves the receiving circuit, a signal is heard. That is some steps back and the communication can take its course. In addition, the Medion Life P63009 is equipped with a handset search function. The consumer also has to do without the CLIP function. Furthermore, the consumer can make a forwarding to another handset with the senior telephone. The blade setting is individually possible both at the base and at the handsets. The receiver volume can also be adjusted in five steps. At the base there is the possibility to select five call signal melodies. For the handsets, even ten call signal melodies are possible. In addition, the ringtones can be different. That is, if an external call comes in, the phone rings differently than in an internal call. In addition, the device has the direct acceptance function when lifting. A redial can take place at the last five phone numbers. The consumer can also make a conference call with the senior telephone without problems. If only the consumer can make calls with the device, a PIN protected area can be set. The best through the two handsets can also be a communication within the house. Thus, the consumer does not have to run to the second floor to tell the children what. The highlight is that the phone is equipped with a call display duration. This way the consumer can prove exactly how long the conversation lasted. The name can, of course, be freely programmed by the handset. Even in the event of a power failure, no message is lost on the answering machine.


Conclusion guyThe conclusion to the Medion Life P63009 Seniortelefon is clear and unambiguous. This means that the phone can be purchased without hesitation. This is because the phone is ideal for everyday use. Such a price-performance ratio, as with this phone, the consumer gets so fast not again.

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