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Review: IceFox Dual Sim Outdoor Mobile Phone

Especially for trips I looked for a small and powerful mobile phone. After a comparison I decided to use the IceFox Dual Sim Outdoor Mobile Phone. As the mobile phone has proven in practice, you can see from this experience report.  

Purchase decision for the IceFox Dual Sim Outdoor mobile phone

As already mentioned, the new mobile phone should be perfect for the outdoor area and not too big. But a camera was desirable. The IceFox Dual Sim Outdoor Cell Phone is the best choice for you. With this phone not only convinced me these factors, but also the possibility of two SIM cards, a large memory. Negligible was also the low weight with the mobile phone not. Ultimately, these factors have distinguished the mobile phone, to the purchase of the IceFox Dual Sim outdoor mobile phone.  

Specifications for mobile phone

Solidly made of plastic is the IceFox Dual Sim Outdoor Mobile Phone. Due to the plastic processing and the border, the mobile phone is not only shock-resistant, but also dust-proof and waterproof. So the mobile fulfills the requirements for the ip68. The mobile phone is a dual sim mobile phone running on a GSM band. It is equipped with a display with a size of two inches. The resolution of the display is 320 x 240 pixels. Built in the phone is a 0.3 MP camera with a maximum video resolution of 176 x 144 pixels. It has 64 MB of RAM and 64 MB of ROM. The memory also comes in 64 MB format. With a Micro-SD card the memory space is extended by 32 GB. Can The energy gets the mobile phone via a battery. The phone is equipped with a 3.5 mm audio connector, 2 GSM SIM card slots, a micro USB and a Micro SD card slot. The dimensions of the mobile phone are 140 x 72 x 16.5 mm, with a weight of 149 grams. It is color-coded in a black / orange design.  

This is the accessory for the mobile phone

If you buy the IceFox Dual Sim outdoor mobile you get next to the mobile phone, also the right accessories right away. To this accessory the battery and the charger, a USB cable for the transmission of data as well as a user manual. The user manual contains all information on setting options and help with problems.  

Handling and operation of the IceFox Dual Sim Outdoor Mobile Phone

Due to the compact dimensions and the low weight of only 149 grams, the mobile phone does not disturb. It is rather good in the bag. However, the low weight is also noticeable in the handling. Even if one times longer with the mobile phone or pictures and films makes, one does not notice the mobile phone hardly. Due to its surround, the mobile phone is always grip-safe in the hand. However, it is not only easy to handle, but also in operation. The buttons allow you to control all functions quickly. This makes the IceFox Dual Sim Outdoor mobile phone a clear menu. Here are also the numerous features to mention, besides the camera, this is a FM radio and also a flashlight.There is even a separate button for the mobile phone. Especially in the dark this is a useful help. Of course, the performance data is also not insignificant with the mobile phone, especially with the battery. The battery is characterized by a long halvability. Thus the standby time of the battery depends on usage between 300 and 330 hours. This gives you a talk time of up to 16 hours. The pictures and films you can make with the mobile phone are available in different formats. So there is the JPG, the MP3, the AVI and ultimately also the 3GP format with the IceFox Dual Sim outdoor mobile phone. Besides the numerous points in which the mobile phone convinces, there is also a smear. So dirt can collect between the keys. Where one can remove these relatively easily also again.


Conclusion guyThe IceFox Dual Sim outdoor mobile is perfect for all kinds of trips. Not only because of its equipment, but mainly because of its processing. This is not only impact resistant, but also water and dust proof. It is equipped with a large two inch display. In the mobile phone is a camera, with this one can make both pictures, but also movies. It is equipped with numerous functions such as a flashlight. The mobile phone convinces with its compact dimensions and a very low weight. This makes the mobile phone always very good in the hand, even if it takes a bit longer.The mobile phone can be operated with two SIM cards and is equipped with a powerful battery. Particularly the equipment with which the mobile phone is delivered is, for example, a USB cable. The only lack, which I could determine when using the mobile phone, affects the keys. Here, dirt can quickly accumulate between the keys. My Testurteil to the IceFox Dual Sim outdoor mobile phone is overall very positive. If I had to grade the mobile phone, I would assign a 1 to 2.  

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