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Test report: Gigaset C430 cordless telephone

Gigaset is a company that has introduced a new cordless telephone. This device is particularly suitable for all who love devices that are easy to use. The 1.8-inch color display is the most striking feature of the device and the menu items are thus clearly displayed. The manufacturer also promises very precise pressure points on the keyboard and all buttons are clearly separated from each other. The phone is therefore also recommended for all people, where the motor skills abate. The Gigaset C430 looks very classy and appears in a very classic robe. The phone is suitable for young and old people alike and thus the phone is also as a general family telephone absolutely interesting. The manufacturer states that the C430 model is based on the special film technology and not on a coating. Gigaset informs that this provides for a longer durability and also has a more comfortable feel. It is also emphasized that the seamless processing ensures a dust-free and clean keyboard.  

The equipment and the price

With the cordless telephone the equipment is very high quality. A lush address book is the highlight and this offers 200 entries with even three numbers each. Via HSP, the telephone from Gigaset also dominates the HD telephony.Very interesting with the C430 are the birthday reminder function, the calendar and the integrated alarm clock. The handset can also function as a babyphone, so that sounds can be transmitted externally to a mobile phone or internally to another handset. Even a highly modern Eco-Mode Plus is on board. The device can position itself in the middle class. The C430 from Gigaset can convince with a high-quality design and with the good equipment. The company remains loyal to the device of its line and thus the mobile phone is to appeal to all age classes. Not only the older people appreciate the motor-simplified and clear user guides.Pleasingly cheap is the phone also, because it is priced in the normal middle class. The price is appropriate for a device with babyphone functionality, HSP and large phone book.  

The cordless telephone C430 in test

Even beginners will have no problems with the phone, because the renowned German manufacturer is very clear in the design of mobile phones and mobile phones. In addition to the obligatory numeric block, the device also features the simple navigation buttons and the TFT color display. With only a few keystrokes all functions can be achieved. Up to 200 contacts can be stored in the phonebook. The cordless telephone offers some special functions, which I am directing to many telephones or families. A hands-free system was integrated into the mobile phone and Gigaset was able to improve the sound quality with HSP. The sound quality is even a lot better compared to normal cordless phones and HSP stands for HighSound Performance. However, the high-quality amplifier does not necessarily require more current at the same time. Up to 14 hours in a row, the C430 can make calls without problems and a full 320 hours of standby battery life. The manufacturer has paid attention to very low radiation and very high energy efficiency. The device is certified according to Green Home and thus there is a zero transmission mode and ECO DECT. The radiation in the equipment drops and there is also electricity saved.  

Details of the cordless telephone

The service-friendly cordless telephone is at its price in the middle Beriech. The device can perform its service reliably and willingly, and in addition, sufficient comfort is thereby obtained. The color display with the C430 offers two different color schemes to choose from. With HSP the fixed telephone is equipped to increase the voice quality.The handset can be muted at any time on the handset. Up to twenty numbers are available in redial. The alarm clock and the timer reminder are further functions. In addition, the device can be used as a baby phone. The sound quality is very convincing and finally, for the cordless telephones, an important test criterion. The connections are clear and clear with the device. Also the hands-free kit with the cordless telephone can provide a clean sound. If all devices involved support the HSP standard, the sound quality can improve again. The handling of the C430 can be absolutely compelling. Very important are the direct access keys, which are manually adjustable. Without problems, desired favorite functions can be programmed here. With the C430 the individuality is written up. You can assign ringtones to conscientious contacts, and a caller can already be identified at the ring tone.  

Information about the C430

The design of the C430 is modern and uncomplicated. There are two attractive background color schemes for the color display. A lot can be set up individually and thus the ringtones for certain contacts, the sound profile and the screen saver. The device provides a powerful performance and great features. There is ample storage space and so for up to 200 contacts. The contacts are stored with up to three numbers and full names. For all special occasions, reminders can be set and VIP contacts can also be set. To mute, there is the day / night switch, if you just do not want to be disturbed. Also for longer telephoning the people with 14 hours are not let down.With the reliable cordless technology, the phone can be used anywhere. The burden on the money bag and the environment is reduced by the energy-efficient power supply. The transmission power always varies from the distance of the mobile telephone to the base station. If the ECO mode is activated, the transmission power can be reduced by 80 percent. The radio-free ECO ModusPlus can turn off the transmission power completely when the telephone is idle. With each call the HSP sound quality can be excellent and also in the free speech is understood each word. For the Gigaset base station, the C430 is an additional handset. It can be placed in the corridor, in the bedroom or even in the office. Up to five additional handsets can be added for a total of 6 handsets. In the case of absences, the integrated answering machine can accept the calls. Anyone can record a preset message or a personal greeting and this through the 30 minute recording time. Allimportant information can be given to the callers. So that nothing is missed, new messages are shown by the mobile phone.  


Conclusion guy When purchasing the C430 from Gigaset, a well thought-out and durable cordless telephone is obtained. This device is Made in Germany. Due to the tested properties a purchase recommendation can be issued. The price-performance ratio with the device is absolutely in order. The phone is suitable for anyone who is persevering and likes to telephone. There is a long talk time and it is very good in the hand. After a total of 6 handsets can be connected to the base, it is easy and fast to expand.

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