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Review: Getnord Onyx Outdoor mobile

Getnord Onyx - the first "real" outdoor mobile phone

The Getnord Onyx has been developed specifically for extreme conditions such as construction, forestry, etc., but it is also the first smartphone on the market in the world for anyone who manages to destroy any other smartphone under normal conditions , Which is both truly waterproof, as well as unbreakable and dust resistant. The screen is covered with a special protector, which prevents scratches and cracks, but does not affect the feel of the touch screen. If the protector gets a crack, however, it would be easy to exchange what you can even do at home, as you can buy a set with the new protector, a tool for changing the protector and an exact instruction from the manufacturer. This saves time and you do not have to worry about a replacement handy, for the time when the main retailer is in repair. The onyx has been tested for its resistance under the most severe conditions, for example in 2 m deep water, in a dust particle chamber, under different temperature conditions and temperature changes or in case of a fall of more than one meter on concrete floor. All these tests were also passed without problems, which is why the Onyx can be truly called "real" outdoor mobile phone and is also the name of this name.  

The slightly different design

The Getnord Onyx has an amazing height of 157 mm, a width of 78 mm and is 16 mm thick, which is almost twice the size of a "normal" smartphone. With its 270 g it is also in a higher weight class. It is only available in color black with aluminum inserts. On top of the mobile phone there is a strong carabiner clip, which allows the attachment to belt loops or the like.  

Camera, video and audio

This smartphone has both a main camera at the back for "normal" photos and videos, as well as a front camera for video calls and "selfies". The main camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels and the front camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels. Thus the resolution corresponds to a higher standard compared to most other outdoor mobile phones, where the resolution is more in the range of the 5 megapixels on the main camera and 2-3 megapixels on the front camera. In addition, there are several video functions with a resolution in HD, such as the Slo-mo function (slow-motion video), the possibility to take pictures during a video recording or an electronic video stabilization. The Getnord Onyx supports the formats AAC, AMR, AMR-NB, GSM-AMR, eAAC +, aacPlus v2, HEAACAC2, MIDI, MP3, WMA and WAV and the audio formats 3GPP, AVI, H263, H264, MPEG4, MP4, WMV and Xvid. The above-loud loudspeakers are water resistant (up to 18 mm) and thus enable easy telephoning in any situation.  


The Onyx has an 8 GB internal memory. However, the internal capacity can be increased by up to 32 GB, using a commercially available Micro SD card, providing enough storage space for music, pictures, videos and all other important files. A small problem with the Getnord Onyx should be addressed, however, apps can not be outsourced to the Micro SD card, so you have to cut down here if you want to use larger apps such as graphically elaborate games or very large card apps.  

battery capacity

The onyx can sleep up to 580 hours without recharging in standby mode. In the case of a "continuous call", the maximum battery capacity is reduced to 16 hours.  


The Getnord Onyx has an integrated compass, as well as an integrated Google GPS navigation system, so you can always know where you are and where you have to go. It also supports any other GPS Navi app. The operating system is an Android 4.4.4 KitKat.


Conclusion guy

For whom is the acquisition of a Getnord Onyx and for whom would it rather be a faulty purchase?

If you are looking for a really stable "construction site handy", the Getnord Onyx is definitely the right place. It is stable, you can set the ringtone so loud that you can not even hear it in noise and it is easy to use. As a normal mobile phone for the "normal citizen" it is probably not suitable, because some apps do not work properly, for example, the Watterapp often depends, this is probably due to the somewhat older Android version, with the Getnord Onyx running. With its approximately 270g weighs more than twice as much as an average handy. Such a chunk in the handbag with her rumgeleppen is for women now not the riddle solution. And the men, who like to carry their mobile phone with them in their suitcase, will not be particularly enthusiastic about the weight either. Also the design is not everyone's cause, since it is because of its enormous dimensions very "old-fashioned" effect. There is the Onyx also unfortunately only in a color, which one could not even change through a cover, which is for people, which attach importance on a optically individual design, from Nachtteil is. The Getnord Onyx is really only a smartphone for people with whom the phone has to suffer under extreme conditions. Because it does an excellent job and is highly recommended. But what surprised the gadgets at the camera and video functions, as these would be expected mobile closer to a "hipster". But since quality we all know, has its price, the Onyx is also not with nearly 400 EUR quite cheap. But if you're not the type that needs to have the latest model all the time and buy new phones just because the old ones are broken, the price is the same again, because the Getnord Onyx is a very big one because of its stability Time period. So you should first think well about what you put special emphasis on and above all, you should set priorities because if you want extreme stability, you have to accept a corresponding weight, well or badly.

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