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Review: Doro PhoneEasy 621 Seniorenhandy

The Doro PhoneEasy 621 Seniorenhandy in Video

Why mobile phone is important in old age?

By now, everyone has just a cell phone. That's just a fact. For a long time I fought against this modern technology.With my now 80 years I am finally up to now always very well without all these "bells and whistles" get along. But months ago about three I had a little fainting spell. Nothing bad, but I fell into a mild panic and wanted my granddaughter call for help - she lives in the neighboring house. But since I already so could not breathe, I could not shout loudly enough. So I stayed, are alone - with phone would be me that does not happen! The next day me so a cell phone was placed in front of the nose - which now did not help more. The nice thing is that it is a Doro PhoneEasy 621 seniors is mobile. And by this technique I'm really excited.  

Fear of technology? Seniorenhandys everyone understands!

To my great joy my granddaughter organized me a small introductory hour to my new mobile phone with me and explained the functions quickly. What can I say - it is itself everything easy to understand for a die-hard art-muffle for me. Should there still be one or the other question - I am unfortunately a little bit forgetful - I can look at any time in the clearly structured manual. This includes all functions again listed and explained. I am very stunned. Now I wear my lightweight but highly recognizable mobile phone with me and now it makes me even fun to use all the features. Moreover, I find the exterior chic. The clamshell design not only looks good, it also prevents unintentionally I take the keys. My granddaughter said only gester to me that I was almost "in"! What a nice compliment. I would now like to introduce my new faithful companion in more detail:  

For me a great advantage: Large buttons!

I'm wearing glasses and pretty shortsighted. Small keys would be a real challenge. In addition, the fine motor skills is also no longer the best. But that's in this phone model fortunately no problem. The keys are extra large here namely and only need to be pressed lightly. That makes me very happy and make the operation very me. In addition, the keys are properly legible because they were printed in contrast.  

A very important criterion: The emergency call button

Here is a real feature. On the back of my cell phone is the emergency button. This quite simply has to be pushed or alternatively twice within one second and even the emergency call is made only three seconds. That's all I have to do in an emergency. The mobile phone then delivered immediately send an SMS to all numbers of the stored emergency numbers list. Thereafter perform an automatic connection is made with the first phone number from the list. If the call is not taken against within the next 25 seconds followed by the next number. In this way, the entire list is repeated three times and processed sequentially until finally a reaction occurs. This security has really convinced me, so I at no time feel alone - even to the great relief of my family.  

The display is super!

My cell phone color display is selected extra large 4.9 x 3.6 and guarantees a comfortable use for me. This is about 320 x 240 pixels and the display text is easy to read and wonderfully large. The font size is also individually adjustable and I can vary at any time. So I can immediately see who is calling me or simply retrieve the time. A magnifying glass is here certainly not necessary!  

In the direct selection buttons I never want to do without again!

My Doro PhoneEasy 621 has two hot keys (A, B). The annoying typing my favorite phone numbers I find annoying. But fortunately, I can spare that. This function is also playing to benefit. Just long press the button and already I can talk with my interlocutors. In my case, button A is my granddaughter and button B my GP.  

An additional luxury: The Camera

Here I was a bit surprised: My cell phone is also a small functioning camera. Thanks to the built-in 2 megapixel camera I can go make really nice snapshots. And without further accessories. It saves me wearing Another technique and finally I was happy for so nice to my new companion. My resulting images I send then via MMS, data cable or Bluetooth ™ up to another device, and so are my loved ones may be the same to see what I see straight. So I've become a real photo-enthusiastic. I think my friends do not recognize me now again. Constantly I have the phone at the ear, and am about to speak. And when the battery is properly powerful, my conversations are long and longer and longer ... Of course, always with the matching dazugefügtem image that finally understood. Incidentally, the most beautiful picture of my little great-grandson I have used as the display background. For this great feature, there are also. So I can always carry with me all my loves. I have to admit: A little proud I am already on me and my new Doro PhoneEasy® 621st


conclusion guyFor me it is clear: to my mobile I would definitely do without. It has become for me a true reliable companion who has never disappointed me. He gives me security and my family is also to glad reach me anytime. Just special functions such as the emergency call button guarantee protection against possible emergencies. So I can in good conscience recommend this Doro PhoneEasy 621 mobile phone. It is a great value for money, with the right and the optics. I am a very satisfied customer who can not fault it. As an absolute art layman I could understand all functions quickly and serve. This model is lightweight and robust. The chic clamshell design in black and graphite is understated without "stuffy old" to act. All in all we have here is a product that should contribute to any senior!

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