Technical characteristics


    • very high-quality composition
  • good smell
  • very conveniently packaged so that nothing spoils
  • meat shares: 40% chicken and 20% duck
  • good crops
  • many minerals and trace elements
  • very good acceptance in the pets
  • best performance and no side effects such as allergies


  • packaging waste disturbing
  • otherwise no significant disadvantages, which reduce the quality of good.
At the Miamor ragout Royale cat wet food, the customer receives 22 food packs a'100 grams. In a practical test, it was examined how good is the acceptance of the wet food for cats. This special food has many good features, such as around a very frsichen smell, if the package is opened and the manufacturer convinced the customers with a fair price.

High-quality enjoyment at the Miamor ragout Royale cat wet food

In the practical test, success of the acceptance by the cats showed immediate. The cat gets high-quality enjoyment, that at least the manufacturer claims, and it has come true and practical. The feed shows when opened as jelly or said as a jelly mass and this is better with meat portions and put fish. The manufacturer tries to preserve the vitamins in the diet over a very gentle production at the temperatures and this Miamor ragout Royale cat wet food is supplied without colourings and preservatives. The acceptance of this feed in the practical test is generated by an exquisite acting odor and typically smells like cat food. In short the cats in the test were immediately attracted by this food and she ate it very quickly. This means that the manufacturer has taken the taste optimally. So be it, if offered new about his cat and a corresponding change of the lining has long needed. Even when the mineral substances, this feed is balanced and only the long-term effect shows how good food can really be. Anyway, the test proved that the cats immediately mix jumped to feed on them, that is very beneficial and this feed is so set, that really is convinced any cat of.

Good composition

of the manufacturer specifies that its food consists of minerals, grain and 40% chicken and 20% duck. This is very convincing and shows a fairly large proportion of meat in contrast to other manufacturers. It is after the test also to determine that these shares really ragout Royale cat wet food, reached at the Miamor because after opening the box, was looked exactly as the pieces of meat in the mix of the food are distributed. This is true and is the acceptance by the cats as I said. Even allergies were considered for this feed and the customer receives a supply of 22 small doses.


The conclusion from the test for the Miamor ragout Royale cat wet food is very convincing and the cats liked this wet food from the first moment of the opening of the cans. The customer gets a stock and the conclusion is therefore a compelling fact that the manufacturers just really good and exquisite ingredients for this Miamor ragout Royale cat wet food from the test used. Conversion is a feed out and eventually you get change for the pet. It's worth as a conclusion a recommendation to purchase.

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