Technical characteristics


  • high quality Standart
  • good marking
  • balanced mix
  • durability

DIS advantages

  • relatively expensive
  • small packaging unit
with gourmet gold fine composition cat wet food is a food of premium available. In cats, many people want only the best food at a reasonable price. Read here how this cat food in the test.

Packaging and delivery

the delivery of this feed comes easily in aluminum cans home. The cans can all be opened separately and have an opening clip. Included a total of 12 cans with a capacity of each 85 g. This amount is enough for a medium-sized domestic cat as a meal.

Storage and retention

is also a food cat food. Therefore, the cans on a should cool and sheltered area be stored prior to exposure to sunlight. Other conditions can cause changes in the consistency and color of the food. The shelf life is printed on the cans. However, doses as packaging are themselves very long shelf life. Once the box is open, the contents must be cooled and are processed within a few days. Gourmet gold fine composition cat wet food included beef and chicken


. 4% beef and at least 4% chicken meat are included in the feed. The remaining components are other kinds of meat and fish as well as proteins and cereals. Thus, the complete feedingstuffs has many other components of the basic ingredients, which positively affect the balanced nutrition of a cat.

Feeding and recording

the gourmet gold fine composition cat wet food is a complete feed. It is to mix in so no need other ingredients for the feed. However, it is no problem if you have oatmeal or similar under the lining. So it will be extended to something and the price for the Premiumfutter perspective is a bit. The food can be offered at any time of the cat. The manufacturer has more flavors on offer.

Disposal of the packaging

the packaging of this fodder can be returned the collection of cans. It's a pure value substance which can again come into circulation.


The gourmet gold fine composition cat wet food is suitable for house cats. It is sufficient for a medium-sized cat as a complete feed for a whole meal. In the feed are constituents of beef and chicken contain other kinds of meat and fish, in addition. It is a complete feed on many types of protein. The packaging is stable and can be opened easily. However, the relatively high price compared to the small amount of filling is detrimental to see. The food is something for cat lovers.

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