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Test report: Marsupi Classic Babytrage

The wearer of Marsupi is available in different sizes. You can choose the small size or a medium size. But there are also for the ladies, who still have a larger body circumference version in XL. You can get the right frame for every stature. It is supplied in the color anthracite and therefore also fits to any kind of clothing. Thanks to its simple yet functional design, the bag can be used everyday and thus also make a good figure every day.The carrier for children and babies is characterized by particularly easy processing and the wearer is one of the compact abdomen and hip wearers. After all, their weight is around 400 g, just a real light weight. The Marsupi Baby Set helps even when it has to go fast when transporting. Because according to the manufacturer, it is to put back. This system is not only quick to put on but also easy and all thanks to a unique system which is simple but still perfect for the child. Normally, the Velcro closure is also not so secure, but this provides perfect support and optimal weight distribution, as the child is held in its seat so that the weight can be distributed optimally on the back. The carry-on feeling is perfect, the carrying device has a thought-out appearance, the wide bridge ensures a perfect fit because the device is positioned so that it fits well to the body for an orthopedically correct fit. Anyone using the baby carrier will move that can use for a long time this tote. It is not only helpful for carrying children in the time when the child is reborn, but can also provide good service later. The stretcher can be used for the time until the child weighs approximately 10 to 15 kg. During this time, the carrier provides adjustable and easy handling.


Conclusion guy The carrier is suitable for children in the first nine months of life. It provides a secure hold and can be used whenever the children have to be moved from A to B quickly and without strollers. This extremely lightweight bag is particularly practical because it promises great utility with very low weight and very easy handling. She convinces by the secure hold that the child has in the wearer, but this nevertheless comes to the point that it is not strangled.The Velcro fastener is practical because it can be put on quickly and can be operated without great effort, but keeps the child safely and without problems where it should be. Even after prolonged wear, the child is not too heavy and you do not get back pain, after all, the stretcher is so back-friendly and gently built that it is possible to wear it even over longer distances and longer periods. If you want to buy a solid child carrier, which can be worn even longer than in the first few weeks, you should take it to this carrier bag. This is well-processed, back-friendly and promises a long and safe traction. The children are safe and well cared for in the bag and the babies wear does not tire over long periods of time. The carrying bag is made of high-quality materials and can not lead to damage to the child or to the wearer even during prolonged use. So if you want to have a solid tragetasche, which also looks beautiful and is suitable for a permanent operation, is herewith on the safe side. The carrying device is still beautiful after repeated washing and does not warp. So you have a great and durable part for little money.

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