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Test report: BabyBjörn one 093094 Babytrage

Babies first trip should be as beautiful and above all as gentle as possible. Where do babies feel most comfortable?Of course to Mamas or Dad's body. With this baby carrier now a great service for the child can be offered. The child can be worn either on the belly or on the back. At this point it should be mentioned that the child is safest on the front. Because from here, it has not only a good look at the mama, but is also well protected. So this should be at least as long as the child is small. This baby carrier has advantages and disadvantages, but these will be described later. 

The facts about BabyBjörn one 093094 Baby carrier

This carrier is to be ideal for newborns, because there is also a built-in infant insert, which is easy to handle.Ergonomic carrying is possible with the stretcher and also the belly can provide some support. The stretcher offers the possibility that the child can see much from the environment, because it can also be worn forward. This carrier is suitable according to the manufacturer from the infant age to the third year of the child.  

Now to the impressions of the BabyBjörn one 093094 baby carrier

Good on this baby carrier is that it is extremely easy to handle. The wearer needs some exercise, of course, but who has tried it a couple of times will quickly get along with it. If the baby carrier is not needed, it always has a good place because it does not take much of it. So it can be stored both in the car and in a bag when it is not needed.The baby carrier can be adjusted in size. In other words, the stretcher will grow with the child and be very long. The carrier can also be used in winter. The very good comfort does not stop even before a thick winter jacket. The weight of the wearer is only low and so it is also not felt as disturbing. The child is perfectly stored in the carrier. It is secured and can even be fastened correctly and properly with the stretcher. This also prevents the child from slipping out.  

The negative aspect of the BabyBjörn one 093094 baby carrier

The stretcher is considered very expensive. The straps can not be very tightly connected to the body. Especially with slim parents is really a disadvantage. Because the baby will suffer as well. It can happen that the child then siblings around the body and this is not healthy at all. But there should be no panic, because the child grows particularly fast in the first weeks of life and will thus also adapt to the environment in the BabyBjörn one 093094 baby carrier. The child should have a minimum size of 53cm before it finds place in this carrier. Also the weight should be at least 3500 grams before the child is carried in the stretcher.


Conclusion guy A good baby carrier is not cheap. Whoever decides for the BabyBjörn one 093094 baby carrier, has done everything right and will also be happy soon. It is definitely so that the baby thereby can perceive his world with different eyes. Particularly good is the close contact that the parents have with their children when the wearer is used. The stretcher is perfect and looks very authentic. It is great fun to walk and see the child while exploring one's own world. Because this carrier is really great and also great fun. Already the mooring is not a hurdle.

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