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Test report: Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio

The Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio is a good quality Autoradio. So it is advantageous in many points and offers a good entertainment in the car.

Great design

If you look at the Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio for the first time, the first thing you notice is the successful design.This car radio is optically in a carbon look, which makes it look modern and makes a good figure especially in modern or tuned cars. The special element is, however, that the lighting of the display as well as the key lighting have succeeded very brilliantly. Because preset is a great red, which emphasizes the carbon look even better. But you can also adjust the lighting and then shine in a blue or pink. The Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio is even more individualized. This makes it possible to use the Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio even more individually. In addition, the lighting colors and the carbon optics form a very well-designed interplay which is directly in the eye. Of course, the lighting has not only optical advantages but also has a positive effect on the operation.  

Good technical equipment

In the technology, the Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio is very well placed. Thus, this Autoradio not only has a control function, via which one can run the iPod or the iPhone. Also Android Smartphones or the Walkman can be controlled via the Autoradio easily. Via the USB port and the AUX input, various media can also be connected to the Autoradio. Whether a Walkman from Sony, a USB stick or any other USB memory device, smartphones, MP3 players or other similar media compatible with these connectors. With the Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio you can play the music from many different media. CDs are also easily played by this autoradio. It is also completely irrelevant, whether one would play normal audio CDs or MP3 CDs for playing in the CD player plugged. Because the Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio of course, both formats. In addition, this autoradio has of course also different settings, with which the sound can be adjusted.  

Uncomplicated operation

The Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio does not have any problems with the operation. On the one hand, the detailed operating instructions allow you to familiarize yourself with the functionality and to learn which keys are responsible for which functions. On the other hand, the functionality of this autoradio is also kept simple, so even intuitive operation is possible without any manual. Even with the installation of the Autoradios you get no problems, since the installation is rather simple. This is especially true for people who are not so technically skilled and have only a small "craft" talent. In the actual operation, the menu guide is particularly easy to emphasize. The menu is clearly arranged and promises a simple selection of the desired menu item. In addition, the keys are arranged appropriately so that the pushing of the keys of the desired keys is also very straightforward. In the dark, the lighting is very helpful and allows you to operate the Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradios without turning on the car's interior lighting. A special feature when using this autoradio is definitely the function of the QuickBrowZer. This allows users to scroll through the music collection more easily and quickly. This also gives you time to search through the music collection at a red light to quickly find and play the desired song.  

Solid sound quality

The sound of the Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradios is not from bad parents. Because in terms of sound quality, the reproduced songs can be heard. So the sounds are reproduced in an excellent quality, even if you only connect the Autoradio to the normal Autolautsprecher and has no special sound system in the car. Of course, the sound becomes even better with special sound systems. As with all other Autoradios, the Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio is also important for the sound that the recording quality of the songs on the particular media is correct. Because from a recording with noise, this author can not make a number 1 hit. If the recording quality is good, however, the songs are also reproduced in a great quality. With the functions like the equalizer, the sounds can also be individually adjusted.  

Good radio reception

The radio reception of this author radio is consistently positive. Because the Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio is, of course, also in the most original playback function, namely listening to radio, well set up and provides a good playback of the receivable radiosender. However, it is also important that the car is equipped with a good aerial and you do not move through all the way through. Finally, fun booths and even bad car antennas are responsible for the reception quality, not the autoradio itself.  

Scope of supply sufficient

The Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio is perhaps not very comprehensive at first sight, but still offers everything you need for commissioning. Apart from the self-contained authoradio with detachable bezel, there is also a metal housing frame, in which the Autoradio finally has a firm seat. In addition, all necessary cables are also included for the installation, so that the Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio also works properly. A detailed manual is also included.So you do not get "the" great equipment included, but everything you need for the operation of the Autoradios. And that's the point.


Conclusion guy The Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio is a good Autoradio, which offers many different functions and also has a reasonable price. In addition, this Autoradio can be operated in its functions simply and uncomplicated, which is helpful to every user. The sound is very good in its quality, even if the Sony CDX-G2000UI Autoradio is connected to the normal standard speakers.

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