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Test report: Pioneer MVH-170UI Autoradio

The Pioneer MVH-170UI Autoradio is a solid Autoradio, with which one can equip his own car very well and thus finally the old Autoradio can muster.  

Successful design

With the Pioneer MVH-170UI Autoradio you get a very stylish Autoradio. The design looks modern and fresh. The arrangement of the keys is clearly arranged, so that it is hardly possible to "mist" because the keys are too close together. The control panel is very well designed even for larger motorized persons or those with larger hands. In addition to this, this Autoradio has a very large and clear display, on which everything is uncomplicated at any time of the day. However, it is the display "only" kept in black and white, which is perhaps for the one or other user initially not quite as appealing. The clarity of the display does not, however, obscure this, but rather on the contrary.The simple writing on the display makes it all the quicker to recognize everything and is not distracted.  

Technical equipment

The technical equipment of the Pioneer MVH-170UI Autoradio is very solid and has in principle also all necessary things, which are nowadays needed with an Autoradio. Although there is no CD player and therefore also no CD changer included in this Autoradio. But a CD player is not really needed anymore. However, this Autoradio has a USB port, which is much more meaningful in today's digital world. So songs can be played from the USB stick or from the iPod, so you always have a long playlist with the songs you really like to hear. In addition, the Pioneer MVH-170UI Autoradio can also be controlled via the iPod or even via the iPhone. A constant "wandering around" at the Autoradio, because you want to forward or rewind tracks, is almost completely unnecessary. In addition, this autoradio also has an AUX input and FLAC files are also supported by the Pioneer MVH-170UI Autoradio.  

Easy handling

The operation of the Pioneer MVH-170UI Autoradio is very simple. This is clearly evident even during the installation of the Autoradios. Because the entire installation including connecting was very uncomplicated and is also for technically not so savvy people well possible. The operation of the Pioneer MVH-170UI Autoradios is overall no heavier than the installation. Even without the often tedious reading through of the operating instructions you can quickly find out which button has to be pressed for which function. Of course, the first use is also very good with instruction manual, in which everything is described very extensively. With the rotary wheel you can simply move through the menu and simply press the rotary wheel at the menu point you are currently targeting. Already the menu point then also selected. Switching this autoradio on and off may be somewhat unusual, but it is not difficult at first. Finally, the SRC button has to be briefly tapped for switching on and then pressed down for a longer period. So this is not about the volume control. But that was quickly impressed. The operation of the remaining keys is very good as the keys also have a good pressure point for triggering. In addition, the buttons all have an appropriate label on and above the buttons so that the functions can be quickly assigned to the buttons. Thanks to the lighting, all keys can be operated well in the dark.  

Good sound quality

The Pioneer MVH-170UI Autoradio plays the songs well. The sound quality is therefore also very solid and quite good with normal loudspeakers. Of course, the recording quality of the digital songs must always be considered as well as the reception quality of the radio. Because in the case of poor reception or poor recording quality, of course, the sound is not good. But that goes without saying. In addition, the Pioneer MVH-170UI Autoradio has a 5-band equalizer, with which you can adjust the sound manually synonymous. So you can emphasize the basses even further, if you like that. And also a loudness function is present at this Autoradio. In addition, functions such as fader and balance also allow the sound to be adjusted. With all the settings and even with normal speakers, you get a good sound.  

Radio reception solid

If you have a good radio antenna on the car, the Pioneer MVH-170UI Autoradio also offers a good radio reception.Only with a hanger as an antenna it will probably be rather bad. But otherwise the radio offers a solid quality. In addition, this autoradio also makes it possible to store up to six radiosensors, which is also sufficient in the normal case. Because more than six radiosender hear only the fewest drivers. An automatic switchover from USB mode to radio mode is also available via the Traffic Assist function. So you do not miss out on the radio announcements.  

Scope of delivery with necessary items

The Pioneer MVH-170UI Autoradio contains all the necessary things, which are also needed for the installation and operation of the autoradio. In addition to the actual Autoradio you get not only a built-in frame and the ISO connection cable. The Pioneer MVH-170UI Autoradio also has a protective cover for the detachable bezel. Finally, by removing the bezel prevents theft of the car theft and can then keep the bezel securely and well in the box provided.


Conclusion guy With the Pioneer MVH-170UI Autoradio you get an Autoradio, which can convince with a very good price-performance ratio. Finally, this Autoradio has a good function, with which one is well-served in the car. Of course you can not expect for the relatively low price a "high class model", which brings every Schnickschnack. Nevertheless, it is solidly equipped and can also be easily operated. The sound is also good quality on this radio.

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