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Test report: Alpine Car Audio CDE-195BT Autoradio

With the Alpine Car Audio CDE-195BT Autoradio you get a regular "professional" for the car and thus also for the entertainment during the car journey. Because this Autoradio offers in many respects great advantages, even with good gadgets.

Good design

The design of the Alpine Car Audio CDE-195BT Autoradios has visually reached a very high level. Because not only the overall impression, which one gets from the aperture, falls directly positively out. Also in the individual view the design-technical structure of this Autoradios is well done. Thus, the operating buttons are aligned in a clear arrangement. This not only provides a functional overview, but also simplifies operation. In addition, the color design of the Alpine Car Audio CDE-195BT Autoradios is also ideal. Thus, the aperture itself is held in a black, which is both modern and classic. Timeless is this Autoradio in the design so already once. This authoradio also offers the possibility to change both the display colors as well as the lighting colors of the buttons. So you have the choice between the colors blue, red, green, yellow, gray and purple. You can even choose the colors of the favorite club or the personal favorite colors to customize the display and / or the buttons. Of course, the colors of the illumination of the display and keys can also be set separately from one another, so that, for example, the keys can be illuminated in blue and the display shines yellow. But of course this is up to everyone.  

Solid technical equipment

As far as equipment is concerned, the Alpine Car Audio CDE-195BT Autoradio makes no difference. This autoradio offers a lot of comfort and a great deal of technical equipment. So, of course, a USB port, an AUX input and even a CD slot. A radio function is also missing. Therefore, different media / media carriers can be used for selecting and listening to music. This not only allows you to play a favorite playlist, but also allows you to listen to CDs with the radio. After all, sometimes you do not have all the favorite songs in digital form, but on CD. In addition, this Autoradio is also suitable as a hands-free kit. The Alpine Car Audio CDE-195BT Autoradio has a Bluetooth interface and an integrated microphone. Even over the steering wheel one can use this Autoradio, if the car possesses this equipment also. Connection to the cloud? No problem with this Autoradio. Even EQ settings can be shared via the cloud. As already described, this radio has different lighting colors.  

Easy operation

Complicated relationship? Not for the Alpine Car Audio CDE-195BT Autoradio. Finally, the clear design of the control panel also ensures that the keys required are quickly found and thus also pressed quickly. In addition, this Autoradio offers a very special advantage. The menu can be set in several languages. You can choose between English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Russian. So you always get the language that suits you the most. One could also say that this autoradio is quite European. The menu items are clearly and quickly selected.You can choose between the individual menu items completely uncomplicated. The setting of volume, equalizer or, for example, radiosensors is also simple and requires no prior knowledge. Of course, there is also a detailed manual for the Autoradio, in which you can always look up everything. But in itself the operation is almost intuitive.Thanks to the illuminated display and the illuminated buttons, the operation is also very easy in the dark. Above all, if you have memorized which keys are for which function, the operation can also be almost completely blind.  

Successful sound quality

The sound of the Alpine Car Audio CDE-195BT Autoradios can be heard. Thanks to the equalizer you can not only adjust the sound individually, but also improve it if the recording quality of the played medium is not quite as good.This is the best way to get the best possible quality from this Autoradio. Of course the borders are here, as with other playback media. Scratched CDs, for example, can only be reproduced just as badly as in other CD players. If the recordings of the songs are qualitative but good, this Autoradio brings out the sound also razor-sharp again from the loudspeakers. Of course, generally the normal loudspeakers are sufficient, but it can not hurt if you synonymous in this point to the high quality of the autoradios.  

Sound radio reception

Who has a good Autoradioantenne possesses, does not get problems when playing the radio, as long as one is not in a Funkloch. The Alpine Car Audio CDE-195BT Autoradio is also very solid and very positive in its assessment of the actual and original function of the autoradios, namely the radio function itself. Of course, the favorite radio transmitter can also be stored, so that it is always quickly found with a single button.  

Good delivery

The scope of delivery of the Alpine Car Audio CDE-195BT Autoradio offers everything you need for operation and also for installing the radio. So you get a cover frame for installation as well as delivered, as well as the necessary connecting cables and of course the radioblende. In addition, there is an instruction manual, which clarifies all possible questions most precisely.


Conclusion guy With the Alpine Car Audio CDE-195BT Autoradio, an author radio has been created that can convince in terms of quality. Although it is somewhat more expensive in the purchase, but also offers a great range of functions as well as some small gadgets, which are a nice gadget. The processing of the autoradio is solid and stable. The operation is based on a clear control panel and an easy menu function, which makes operation very simple and intuitive. The sound quality is very good and provides a great listening pleasure when using the Alpine Car Audio CDE-195BT Autoradios.

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