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Test report: Patron Max Sitzerhöhung

From a certain body size and also a certain weight, children must find a safe place in a seat height. These children will always have a good place with the patron seat of Patron and can also safely spend their time in the car while driving. This seat has many features and looks very modern. The seat fulfills all the important requirements that the user can only put to it. With the seat everything becomes safer for the child and also for the parents. These have made a good decision with the Patron Max Sitzehöhung. 

How is the Patron Max Sitzerhöhung delivered?

The seat is securely packaged and can be used directly without a bodywork. In the vehicle, parents should always ensure that the child is securely strapped. This seat is shaped so that the three-point belt, which is usually located in a passenger car, can be fixed to the seat. This will allow the child to have a safe place even in the event of an accident. The seat will not shoot like a wedge under the buttocks of the child and will also find a safe place. The child can sit alone in this seat. The seat will make many things safer and the car is not just a vehicle. Also the place the child has in the seat is completely sufficient. A child is always perfect in it.  

The optimal weight of children

If the child weighs 15 kilograms, it is high time to think of such a seat and to buy it. The seat is great and looks great. It will be ideal for a weight of 36 kilos. From this weight the child no longer needs a child's seat. Because then it is in the normal case also large enough and can be safely without child seat in the vehicle. This seat makes a lot and is easy to buckle.  

The other advantages

The Patron Max Sitzehöhung has an easy-to-take seat cover. This can also be washed if necessary. This always makes him a great eye-catcher. This means that no pictures are on the seat, it is a very intuitive object, which provides sufficient security. A seat like this makes a lot of fun and will give the child a very high safety in their own vehicle. The child seat is exciting and makes a lot of fun. This means that every child has a good place in the vehicle.


Conclusion guy For your own child can not be enough security. The child should always find a good place in such a seat. The Patron Max Seat height is easy to mount in the vehicle and the parents will make the right choice with the choice. The seat fulfills important requirements and is also quite cheap to buy. This makes this seat especially for the children. These get through the seat a little independence. The seat should nevertheless be checked by the parents. Has he been strapped correctly? Then the trip can go safely and the child is perfectly cared for.

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