VARTA Blue Dynamic Car Battery

Set at the present time we consumers almost all roads with the car back. It is therefore all the more important that it is reliable. Precisely for this reason the VARTA blue dynamic car battery has secured a permanent place on the market. This is one reason, and on the other because only high-quality materials are used, because all the details are perfectly matched. With this car battery on board the consumer must no more worry that his car let him stitch.

Seating – not a topic

The question does not arise for a suitable place for the car battery. Because the space is usually provided. It is important that they can be installed without problems. The product dimensions of the VARTA blue dynamic car battery are 27.8 x 17.5 x 19 centimeters. In addition, that the space can hold a weight of 17,87 kilograms optimally. The timeless design and the neutral white colour mix perfectly with the other items under the hood.

Installation VARTA Blue Dynamic Car Battery – a child's play

To the VARTA blue install dynamic car battery, consumers must make no great precautions. That is, the consumer takes out the old battery, is the new on this place and closes them. It is very important that consumers remove the transport safety devices on both sides. Keep the car battery from the body away to cause no injury. This is necessary because pulsations occur. But no reason to panic. This is normal when a device is under pressure. Finally, the consumer must connect only the cables to the battery and screw. Here the positive cable to the positive pole and the negative pole, the minus cable. Otherwise, there is a short circuit.

Facilities VARTA Blue Dynamic Car Battery – perfect

A particular highlight of the VARTA blue dynamic car battery is that it can be fitted in all vehicles, which have an operating voltage of 12 volts. Attention, consumers who drive an Opel Corsa B model, do not use this battery. This is because abuts the battery on the hood and therefore threatens the danger of a short circuit. In addition, the car battery with the power frame technology is equipped. This ensures that the battery has a very long service life. This means that the consumer can use the battery over many years without having a defect has them. In addition, the car battery with a robust mesh structure is equipped, which is even stamped. Thus, the formation of a corrosion is excluded. Means the car battery does not rust. The capacity of 74 Ah. Furthermore, an optimum cold start current emanates from the battery. The execution of the plus and minus pole is conically round. The positive terminal has a diameter of 19.2-19.5 mm. The negative pole, however, fails with a diameter of 17.6 17.9 millimeters to beech. It is very nice to the car battery, also, that this is not already over a long period in any warehouse. This means that each consumer gets one that is immediately ready for use and filled. That only negative car battery is where, she can't use come in a car, which has a stop start function.

Safety VARTA Blue Dynamic Car Battery – guaranteed

Security of consumers needs to worry. All VARTA batteries are environmentally friendly and absolutely maintenance-free. In addition, the housing from H6/LN3 is. The degassing is centralized at the battery. Through the built-in floor bar is a fixed stand in the MOT oraum ensured.

Technical Characteristics – VARTA Blue Dynamic Car Battery

Voltage12 V
Capacity 74 Ah
Low-temperature test current 680 A
End pole type 1
Ground bar type B13
Disconnect Ground terminal first
Suitable for Gasoline engines, diesel engines, car
Pole Cap Available
Charging light Not available
Feature Very efficient in cities with very high traffic and short
Terminal Ground terminal last

VARTA Blue Dynamic Car Battery


  • Good workmanship
  • With VARTA "Power Frame" technology


  • Not at OPEL CORSA - B models installed are


The conclusion to the VARTA blue dynamic car battery can be only buy recommendation. This is because the battery is ideal for everyday use. Also, if the purchase price higher is something, the price-performance ratio is unbeatable. All consumers who already use these car battery, are thrilled.

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