Buyee Car Kit TFT LCD Monitor Reverse Camera

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Test report: Buyee Car Kit TFT LCD Monitor rear view camera

An own rear-view camera can spare much trouble in the car. The rear windows of modern vehicles are either tinted or very small, which means that the visibility is very limited. Now you can find the Buyee Car Kit TFT LCD Monitor rear view camera which is perfect for your own car and thus also provides a good view of the space behind the car.Of course, this camera will not cover the blind spot, so the view should continue to be done in the side mirror and the shoulder is still essential. Just the area behind the car and this is particularly good when taking in and out is covered by this camera. But with the camera, it will now be much easier and go faster. Because drivers can really rely on this technology and will not regret buying the buyee car kit TFT LCD monitor rear-view camera. 

The packaging

The packaging is very stable and the buyer really gets everything he needs to go right away and enjoy the ride.With this camera everything is much better and is also easier from the hand. The driver will always be satisfied with this and will be able to steer his car much better. This camera is a great gadget in your own car, which will also be a pleasure to do. But the camera alone is not included. Also the matching monitor is delivered with the same.  

The camera

The camera is great and has of course also good functions. Actually, it is also two cameras that work together perfectly. The cameras offer a colorful picture and pass it on to the driver perfectly in the dark. This naturally also saves a lot of time and the driver can rely on his camera alone. In order to bring this camera on, it is necessary to install everything well and as far as possible invisible. But if that succeeds, then it will be a great device on your own vehicle.  

The display

Naturally, the monitor must be securely attached to the vehicle or to its interior. If this is successful, however, it offers a nice and large display, which will be more than useful to the driver. The driver can recognize everything perfectly. The cameras have LED lights that are practical especially at night. Thus, the car can be detected, or any other obstacle that is behind its own vehicle. Everyone should enjoy such a camera and thus improve their own driving safety significantly.  

The viewing angle

The viewing angle of the cameras covers a 120 degree angle effortlessly. Even if the vehicle has to go backwards, nobody will be overlooked. It is also possible to see children who are behind the vehicle and play. So nothing will happen.  

The scope of supply

It is all included to be able to use everything immediately. Through the camera driving becomes a real experience.In the scope of delivery is really everything it needs to use this camera immediately. Only with it, everything will run perfectly and also bring great joy. With such a camera and also the matching monitor everything is included. Even the right batteries are included. However, from time to time, attention should also be paid to the functionality.


Conclusion guy Having a good and safe car will make everyone feel more comfortable. If the car is equipped with such a camera, then everything is better. It is also a great pleasure to explore the car and get to know the world. Such a camera and also the matching monitor are always perfect in their own vehicle and can bring a lot of security. The buyer will certainly be satisfied with this and if the choice falls on the buyee car kit TFT LCD monitor rear camera, then everything is even better. As a rule, installation is also easy. But if problems occur, then a workshop can also be asked for help. This is exactly the right help, which is also needed.The buyer will offer themselves and also his environment something good with this camera and the own family but also other objects or children no longer endanger and thus also be safe.

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