Audiovox RVC1 reversing camera

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Test report: Audiovox RVC1 rearview camera

The Audiovox RVC1 rear camera in the video

Modern times are ours and we rely more and more on technology. This is exactly what has been the case in many households. Now also such cameras and helpers belong to the fixed part of the technical world and this is now also to be achieved hereby. If you look around for a good camera, you will find it with the Audiovox model. The camera is easy to install and if you do not trust yourself, you should leave that to a specialist company. Nevertheless, the camera will also be a lot of fun after installation. Many buyers may now wonder how everything is packaged and who is the maker of the camera. Of course, there is not only good to say here, but still it is always an attempt to put the camera in the right light. Because everything can always be kept in mind and the view backwards will be worthwhile again.

The packaging

The camera offers a rather robust package, which can meet many desires. Because with such a camera is delivered an article, which not only promises much security, but can also be absolutely helpful in road traffic.Therefore, a purchase is always advised and also recommendable to most buyers. With this camera, a good model is purchased that has everything it needs to be installed immediately. Of course, the required technique must also be present. For example, a radio with LCD display in the vehicle or a separate screen can be used. All in all, something is needed where the image can be output. This is essential. Nevertheless, the purchase is worthwhile.The camera is cheap and still useful. Most buyers have nothing to complain about and are enthusiastic about the new facility in their own car. This facility, of course, will not replace a safety view, but it is great. It draws distance lines to the ground and the user knows exactly how the distance to the vehicle is that is behind his own. Many accidents can be avoided thanks to such a camera.  

The resolution

Most buyers do not expect much when considering how cheap this camera is. But still worth buying. The camera is easy to install and can be done with just a few hands. The camera is always great and will also be useful. An enormous resolution is also included. Also the view angle is perfectly in this camera. Everything is right here and everything is perfect for the user. The resolution of the camera is good 720 * 567 pixels. This corresponds to a good PAL resolution and is also perfectly adequate for most users of the camera. Then the camera is child-friendly connected. The guide has been translated and is easy to understand. This makes it even easier to mount the camera in your own car.  

How is the camera attached?

There is some patience required to attach the camera. But with a little skill the installation is very fast and easy. But then the camera is not ready for use. It still needs to be connected to the borde electronics. As a rule, it is also necessary to lay the cables properly. But this is achieved by an ambitious mechanic or hobbyist in a short time.Then the camera can be tested for the first time. This will surely match everything and thus a new gadget is installed in the car that will be extremely useful.


Conclusion guy The Audiovox RVC1 reversing camera is a great and perfect device that can work well in any car. Especially older vehicles can be upgraded with the camera great and this will also be the case. Only with such a camera is it possible to equip the vehicle really perfect and have a lot of it. The driver will be able to amuse himself in any case and from now on has a much better view of the road and especially what happens behind his own vehicle. Even in the dark, this camera is always great. It is an eye-catching model that promises and can also keep up. This camera is always great fun and also joy and will be able to do so for a long time.Anyone who buys this camera is always happy and happy with his own choice.

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