Technical characteristics

Resolution 12 megapixel
Sensor type CMOS
video recording 4 K, full HD, HD ready, 2.7 K
lens type wide angle
lens 3.6 mm
Max viewing angle 140 °
selectable field of view far
memory memory card
connectors USB
internal camera features multilingual menu
dimensions 59.3 x 41.1 x 21 mm
Weight 65 g
display type LCD
screen size 2 inch
battery life 1,5 h
Image stabilizer not available
Wi-Fi available
waterproof available
white balance not available
remote control option not available
special feature with microphone and speaker


  • ease of use
  • good fitting
  • waterproof
  • cheap


  • to find any disadvantages
who drives in the holiday or basically like and much action Empire is taking, is an Actioncam can come in handy. Such a camera is perfect and of course useful. She should meet while always good properties, but if a buyer is safe, what he needs, then the Acme camera will be great and is also easy to operate. The camera has a great look and feel without is also of course. If you want can also connect this camera with its Smartphone, can be what is simply designed and what then the pictures posted directly. The camera is now in a position independently to the Internet to go, this is a criterion for many buyers, because this can inform a buyer about with his friends and is also absolutely sure can go that, he makes wrong nothing thus. The main system of the camera is great and of course useful. Much pleasure, to take pictures and it's also a fun to present these images at all the friends.

The security

before the action camera is now used, a buyer must ensure of course that he operated the device properly. Who not does, should prefer to keep their hands of it and not use it. However, the camera makes a lot better. The image quality is adequate, and the videos that are recorded can be played then even on the TV that is capable of HD. The camera is not bound by a specific system. Owners of smartphones as well as iPhone owners can't do much with the camera. All of those people will want to soon love the camera and no longer refrain. The camera makes with now about what a man could wish. Even if your children with the camera goes, the Acme camera can fully shine. The operation is quite simple, and everything else will succeed finally easier thanks to the camera. It is always easy to use. Who should ever have questions regarding operation, can look at like the instructions themselves. To find all possible points that are important. The operation and the establishment of the camera are thanks to the manual in German more easily and is quite sure more than just important for a buyer. This he can now finally really happy via the camera and will deal like this.

The order

now will be time to buy the Acme action cam's but slow. The buyer can and will be satisfied. He can put it in the cart quickly and easily. There are no problems and succeed quickly. The buyer can be sure that he is right about this camera and will be pleased also that it is so easy to use. Because only if there is a good camera, everything else will fall slightly. The camera will be worth it and always. For a buyer, can and will there be nothing better. The camera is packaged in a protective film. This makes them also rob UST against shocks. Can always happen, that therefore a shock is caused, it is good that the camera also securely packaged. In addition, this packaging is at the same time good when it rains. Water can not penetrate into the Interior of the device, which she can also do not break down. Shortly after the order, the camera is also supplied. It is thus also in the short term possible to buy the camera. The buyers will certainly do a great favor with the camera and have everything else easier to.

What is still to say!

With a good camera, the action can now begin. Want to transmit the images of the TV or even a laptop, then succeed easily via USB connection. The camera is perfect for anyone who likes to have fun in everyday life. As a result, it is now finally possible to take pictures, which are meant for the relatives. Own vacation experiences can be dispelled forever thanks to this Acme action cam and also in a few years yet you can't remember these shots. This camera will be an added value in any case.


Only with a good camera, you can make some good pictures. This camera should necessarily be bought when it comes to action Empire. All this is important for most and will be also useful for everyone. The camera will make good sense and the buyer is like absolutely, to handle. Everything will be easy to use and a special knowledge is not required. Therefore, it is good to buy the camera and certainly to go, that it is also a model, that meets its own standards in any case.

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