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Test report: Hauck Sport Tango Caviar Buggy

For your own child, the best should be just good enough. So it should be with the buggies. With the Hauck Sport Tango Caviar Buggy a model is bought that is certainly also good, but in most cases, the car has only disappointed the buyer. Nevertheless, a closer look at the model is worthwhile. Unfortunately, no one can tell in advance which routes should be driven with such a vehicle predominantly. If the buggy is a purchase for the normal walk in the city on a level road, or rather it should be used for the forest. In this second case, a purchase can only be discouraged.The buggy will not have a good suspension and it does not make it easy for the child. Therefore, if you do not want to shake your child too much, you should refrain from purchasing it and go back to another model. The buggy will certainly not disappoint the buyer too much. If he knows what he wants. Everyone should be clear in advance what he wants and also how much money he can invest in a new buggy. But it will be a good buy in any case, and everything will be perfect. Why? Continue reading! 

The functions

A buggy should be built so that it can disappear in a trunk with few hands. So here the buggy of Hauck can score points. Even if the buggy can only fold in one direction. Nevertheless, he is also quick to build again. Such a buggy is particularly suitable for everyday life. It is perfect for the bus as well as the train. If you like to go shopping and want to have your child with him, he will love this buggy. Because there is also an enormous space available. The child will always feel comfortable in his own buggy and can still have great fun with the mom. This kind of buggy makes it much more enjoyable and is also exciting for the little one.  

Perfect in everyday life

The shopping basket can carry some things and admire the most buyers. Furthermore, the car does not weigh much. This makes it easier to store it in the car. But the weight is also exactly the problem with the buggy. Because he tends to tilt very much and this is not very good for the child, which is to be transported in it. In order to safely transport a child with the car, backpacks or the like should be dispensed with. The car occupies a small space. The main material here is polyester and the frame is extremely stable and consists of steel tube. If you are expecting something good here surely will not be disappointed. The car is good and also stable. The tires are a little small and have no air filling. But this is also not required on a normal road.  

Fun for the child

2013 was the year when the car appeared on the market. The child is securely attached to a 5 point belt and can then always be sure of it. It will certainly feel good in its place and also the mother has a good feeling. The tires can be a bit unstable, but that should not be taken too seriously. In the long-term test, the car has proved to be more robust than it looks. Nevertheless, many mothers are always worried. But if you are looking for a cheap car, which is not to be used too often, will be well with this. It is easy to use and will always give the child a good place. The seat is perfectly adequate and the width is good.


Conclusion guy Mothers are always very careful when it comes to the safety of their own child. This car will be safe, but many are not enough. It makes a stable impression, but the wheels alone are responsible for the fact that this car is not often bought. However, it is always a challenge for many a mother to simply push the car and thus give the child a safe place. Each mother will think twice about whether this car is the right vehicle for your child.The recommendation for this stroller is rather bad. If you want to save money, there is certainly another model that is a little better. But there are also mothers who are convinced of this car. Unfortunately, this car is not as safe as the manufacturer promises and most buyers are disappointed because they have a safe car for their own child.Unfortunately this could not be fulfilled. In this car is indeed the exterior appealing but the functions leave something to be desired and that is a pity.

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