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Test report: Olympus N1240586 Binoculars

In some situations in daily life it happens that one does not recognize everything you want to see with the naked eye. The solution to the problem is binoculars. For this reason, the Olympus N1240586 binoculars was developed and launched. This binoculars is so unique because only high-quality materials were used in production. In addition, all components have been optimally matched to one another. This ensures that the consumer gets to see pictures as if he is right there.

The binoculars from Olympus - small, yet unique

With the Olympus N1240586 binoculars it is no problem to take a long trip on foot. This is because the binoculars with its total weight of 789 grams, is so light that it is hardly worth mentioning. The product dimensions, which are 5.8 x 18.2 x 15.2 cm, also help to ensure that the binoculars fit very easily into the hand luggage during every expedition. This makes the binoculars an ideal companion.  

Different needs of consumers - a children's game

Each consumer has different requirements for binoculars. The Olympus N1240586 binoculars cover almost all of them. This is due to the fact that the binoculars are a zoom binoculars and, on the other hand, because they are adapted to the consumer's personal visual needs. This means that Olympus binoculars are equipped with an integrated diopter correction function. This means whether the consumer has a diopter value of 1.0 or 2.5, all with the binoculars glasklare images. Furthermore, the binoculars are equipped with reflection-reducing coated lenses. These ensure that the view is of high quality. In order to always have a good contrast and optimum brightness, the binoculars have been equipped with multi-coated lenses.  

Discover small things - no topic with this binoculars

The Olympus N1240586 binoculars are equipped with an 8-16x40 zoom. With this zoom performance, the consumer can see if the sportsman has a spot on his sports jacket. This means that the zoom performance is so enormous that you can really see all the details. Even a bird sitting in the top tree crown surrounded by green branches can make the consumer very sharp. The best thing is, the very large focusing wheel allows the consumer to quickly and easily focus the image. This process is also excellent if there are pure sunrays from the sky. This is due to the UV protection, which has been processed in binoculars. Thus, safe observation over hours is possible.  

Optimum hold ensured

To always and constantly with the binoculars go on exploration tour, the material was provided with a rubber coating. This ensures that the binoculars of Olympus are optimally in the hand. In addition, the rubber coating is responsible for the fact that not already after several times use, considerable traces of use are to be seen. The coating is very robust. This is why the Olympus N1240586 binoculars can also be used in environments such as bumpy mountains. Even with sweaty fingers it is no problem to hold the binoculars perfectly in the hands.  

Value for money - optimal

For the purchase price, the consumer receives not only the binoculars, but also a collar, a bag and the lens covers. The pocket and the covers for the lenses are necessary to be able to store the binoculars optimally when the consumer needs a break from the observation. The collar can be used very well to hang on binoculars around the neck. The Olympus N1240586 binoculars can also be optimally used by spectacle wearers. The highlight of this is the spectacles the consumer does not have to have on the nose when the birds and co.


Conclusion guy The conclusion with the Olympus N1240586 binoculars is, a better binoculars do not exist. For a normal bird watching the binoculars is just right. It possesses the characteristics that are important in order to recognize everything well. Further Schnickschack is superfluous, since it is only a Hobbyfernglas is. The best binoculars from Olympus have a 25 year warranty. Even the price of under 100 euros is not a big hole in the household. Have fun watching.

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