Hama Optec 10x25 Monocular

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Test report: Hama Optec 10x25 Monocular


The Hama Compact monocular provides with its 10-fold magnification for crisp-clear visibility during hikes, traveling and nature observations.  


With the "Blue Colated" lenses, they have clear light and perfect visibility even at twilight and the backlight. All this without the blurs and reflections in front of the lens. Even in extreme situations, the BK7 quality optical glass ensures that you get a natural color reproduction and a first-class picture quality.  


The brightness of the "Hama Compact Monocular" can be adjusted quickly and easily by simply turning it.  


Thanks to the softtouch housing, the "Hama Compact Monocular" is very comfortable in the hand. This way you can spend hours on animal watching. Due to the robust housing it does not go right at the first hikes broken. In addition, you can wear it with hikes quite pleasantly at the wrist.  

Highlight: Flexible eyecups and diopter compensation

The "Hama Compact Monocular" is also very suitable for spectacle wearers due to its diopter compensation. You can also go hiking and hunts. The ocular shells of the monukulars are reversed, so that the hiker or huntsman can also use the Monukular with spectacles. The monukular provides diopters with +/- 3 diopters for wide and short-sightedness. This allows them to set a clear and clear picture.  

Focusing and output pupil

The focus of the monocular is a single eyepiece.Specification and the output pupil is 2.5 mm.  

Lens diameter:

The diameter of the lens is 25mm for the monochrome.  

Weight and color:

The weight of the Monukular is light 60 g. With bag it is light weight 80 g. Thus a light weight and therefore one can also wear for hours. The "Hama Compact Monukular" is available in the color black.  


To the "Hama Compact Monukular" you get a hand cuff for the wrist and a practical storage bag. This protects the Monukular from wind and weather. And besides, if you carry the storage bag on the wrist, you will not lose the monukular even on rough terrain.  

Price range:

The price range for the "Hama Compact Monukular" is different depending on the supplier. The price is between 25 and 35 euros. For the price, the Monukular is a real bargain.  


The Monukular is made of robust rubber. This protects the tool not only from water, but also from pollution. These stains will cause the device to become useless in long-term use. For the low price it is also super-processed and is a real lightweight. This can be complained, however, because light weight also means that no massive lenses were processed. And it comes from the series of Optec. The investment in the monuclus is the money it absolutely worth. Good quality at a reasonable price.


Conclusion guy If you take the monocular exactly under the magnifying glass one establishes that the device is very light. What may appear to be an advantage at first glance is quickly negative, because after all, good lenses also weigh a lot. These good lenses also need to achieve good results and achieve satisfactory results. If you buy an eyepiece, you have the most diverse purposes in mind, because beside the observation of nature there is also the possibility to consider this as a helper during the observation of the stars.For handling it can be said that the device is well in the hand. It has an integrated carrier strap, so you can use it even if you have wet hands or dirty hands. In addition, you can use it even if you would prefer to leave an object without a loop, for example, if you are above water or an abyss and the device could then fall down. It also has a rough surface, which can strengthen the grip again very much. The processing of the Hama Optec is very good, so at least if you compare it with comparable pieces of the same price class. It has a stable overall impression and convinces even after prolonged use still by a good handling and uncomplicated cleaning. For the price segment, one can not raise objections in terms of processing and life expectancy (expected lifetime). It is a solid object. The visibility and quality of the optical results is acceptable. One can, however, criticize the fact that, starting from a certain breadth, it reaches its limits.

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