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Test report: TFA Dostmann Grillthermometer

For the grill we looked for a grill thermometer and found it with the TFA Dostmann Grillthermometer. On the experiences with the Grillthermometer you will find an experience report.  

This has been the case for the TFA Dostmann Grillthermometer

When we bought a grill thermometer, we were really only the functionality and the purchase price important. We liked the TFA Dostmann Grillthermometer. Here we have convinced above all the numerous adjustment possibilities. This means that you can not only set an alarm, but also select a timer or the cooking stages and meat varieties. We have not found these settings in any other thermometer. Of course, what convinced us, of course, was the wide range of applications. This is not only suitable for the grill. All in all, these were the reasons why we ultimately decided to buy.  

Technical data for the grill thermometer

The TFA Dostmann Grillthermometer is made entirely of plastic. The grill thermometer is equipped with a puncture probe, which is made of stainless steel. The cable for the stainless steel sensor is 80 cm long. The measuring range that the grill thermometer can detect is between 0 to 300 degrees. It is equipped with a large display, where you can read the current temperature. Settings can be made via the various control buttons, but later on. The grill thermometer requires a voltage of 1.5 V for operation. This energy gets it over four batteries. These are AAA batteries with a voltage of 1.5 volts. The batteries are included in the delivery. The grill thermometer is color-coded in a black tone. The dimensions are 2.1 x 6 x 10.5 cm, with a low weight of 67 grams.  

Use of the TFA Dostmann Grillthermometer

As already mentioned, one reason for the TFA Dostmann Grillthermometer was the wide application. For example, the grill thermometer is suitable not only for monitoring the temperature of a grill, but also for example in an oven or in a pot. The grill thermometer is therefore more versatile than the name suggests.  

Handling of the TFA Dostmann Grillthermometer

The handling of the TFA Dostmann Grillthermometer is very good. On the one hand, the grill thermometer is immediately ready for operation without much effort. It is equipped with brackets, so you can hang it. In addition, you can measure the temperature very easily, without ever having to take the thermometer in your hand, this makes the cable possible. But also with the setting possibilities convinces us the Grilltherometer fully and completely. So you can select all settings, such as the timers and stopwatch function, but also the setting of the meat varieties and cooking stages without great effort.  

Small deficiency with the Dostmann Grillthermometer

Relatively often we have now the TFA Dostmann Grillthermometer used both with a grill, but also with an oven. From time to time, however, we had to notice that the set alarm triggered too late. This deficiency has no influence on the functionality of the grill thermometer, but you have to stop then more.


Conclusion guy Very solid made of plastic is the TFA Dostmann Grillthermometer. The grill thermometer is supplied with four batteries, which are included in the delivery. The Grillthermometer can be used for a wide range of settings, here you can select from a menu, but you can set your own settings. It is equipped with a temperature sensor and an 80 cm long cable. This cable does not have to have the grill thermometer constantly in the hand. Overall, the handling is very simple, also because of the low weight and the dimensions. The thermometer also has a wide range of applications with a grill, but also an oven or cooking pot. The only drawback is the alarm triggering with the grill thermometer, which does not always work quite reliably. Bottom line, however, we are very satisfied.

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