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Test report: Scala SC53TM Fieberthermometer

If you have to measure your child's fever, it is not easy. Measuring the fever can even become a real challenge. Children can defend themselves very much when the fever in the Po must be measured. Now, however, we are living in a good time, in which the technology has changed in that the fever can be measured by other means. The temperature can now also be determined reliably and quickly with a forehead or ear thermometer. But the child must also tolerate this method. However, the mother succeeds in doing so much better than measuring in the Po. The ear should not have become too warm before. This happens when the child is asleep and the mother wants to measure the temperature precisely on the side of the baby's head. It is also important to place the thermometer in the right place. The temperature can be reliably determined only there.  

The Scala fever thermometer

Unfortunately, the Scala fever thermometer is well equipped, but for the child it will not provide good readings. The mother can measure a few times in succession and will get a different result every time. In addition, this thermometer is by no well-known supplier and therefore also very cheap. Even if the temperature is displayed within a short time, it is a thermometer that is not recommended. Because the displayed value can change as already mentioned within a short time.  

The thermometer and its characteristics

If you decide for the thermometer nevertheless, this choice surely well considered. The thermometer is rather good as a small toy. It can display the room temperature and much more. The measuring accuracy is plus / minus 0.2 degrees. Unfortunately, this is not true. The manufacturer has indicated this measure. If you want to be sure, the thermometer will still have to check the temperature of the child. The thermometer fits well in the hand and can remain in the practical storage tray. It is also capable of displaying the room temperature. This allows the mummy always to ensure that her child is in a well-air-conditioned room. Children should sleep at a good temperature every night. Therefore this function is suitable for the measurement.  

What's Included

Here the manufacturer is pretty accurate. Besides the actual thermometer, there is also the shell, which has already been mentioned. In addition, the buyer can count on a suitable button cell, which is needed for the trouble-free operation of the device. Also included is a guide in English. There are also a few helpful tips and advice for the correct use of the device. The user will thus receive a device in which everything is contained in order to be able to start the measurement immediately. This thermometer is good and practical and will pay off soon if it is properly operated. The user should always back up and always make the settings correctly, so that is the case.


Conclusion guyWith the ear and sleep thermometer it may be inaccurate measurement results. A mother should not be attracted here by a favorable price. This could have a negative impact on the health of their offspring. Moreover, it is more than just important for the user to use the thermometer correctly. It is a thermometer which can also display the room temperature. For more it should not be used. If you want to use the thermometer properly, it may also succeed. However, a good review can not be given here. The best thermometer is still digital.  

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