Reer 98020 SkinTemp infrared fever thermometer

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Test report: Reer 98020 SkinTemp Infrared thermometer

Every mother can feel how it is to measure his own child's fever, and that usually is rectal, because this gives the best results. Now there is this thermometer, which should be purchased as a real alternative. Whether the thermometer from Reer really holds what is promised, can only clarify a more detailed consideration. Because there are many drawbacks with such thermometers. These are often inaccurate. Now it is not about the general infrared thermometer, but about exactly the model of Reer.  

The delivery and the order

The buyer can expect a delivery very quickly. This allows him to buy a good thermometer quite quickly, which he can also use. Often, however, the mothers who buy such thermometers are sure to make sure their child has no fever. If the child then has a fever, then it is good to know how high the temperature is. It is often the case that at a low temperature no use of medicines is necessary. The children will then be able to recover more quickly if the mother can react and administer a suppository.  

The instruction

The instructions for the thermometer do not include many points, because the buyer does not have much attention. Now, however, it is important that he sticks to the details and that he does everything right. For if this does not happen, the buyer is always the victim and in this case even his own child. Therefore, everything should be read carefully before the thermometer is used for the first time. This also makes it possible to clarify questions in advance. Of course, the mother should also make sure that the thermometer works at all and check whether the battery is holding. Now it is time to talk about the disadvantages of the thermometer, because unfortunately it is not very accurate.  

The disadvantages

Every mother knows the feeling when the offspring is missing something? This should not last very long, and it is also important for the doctor to tell if the child has a fever or not. Up to a certain temperature is not yet spoken of fever, but from an elevated temperature. In addition, the thermometer should be easy to use. Now it is so with this that it can measure either on the forehead or in the ear the temperature. The mother can therefore choose a good place. If the child has just slept, it should not be measured on the side of the child.  

The inaccuracy

It is very often the case that these thermometers are inaccurate. A few years ago the digital thermometers came out, which were very precise. With this infrared thermometer unfortunately it is only inaccurate and this can and will not satisfy the buyer. Because when the child is suffering from fever, an accurate temperature is more important than ever. Therefore, it is not easy for the mother to decide when to believe the device. Anyone who can not establish a trust base should refrain from making a purchase.


Conclusion guyUnfortunately, this thermometer can not be used with a clear conscience. It is inaccurate and this is a reason for many mothers to refrain from buying. The choice of a thermometer should focus on one's own child and his / her well-being. Most mothers like it comfortably and think a few degrees difference are not wild, but exactly this assumption is wrong and should not be underestimated. A digital thermometer is always the best choice for the mother.  

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