Braun PRT 1000 HighSpeed fever thermometer

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Test report: Braun PRT 1000 HighSpeed Fieberthermometer

In the thermometer everyone thinks often of flu-troubled and sickly people. The Braun PRT 1000 HighSpeed, however, has a central feature and is therefore particularly suitable for use in domestic animals. After only ten seconds, the measurement is usually completed. The owners of pets can confirm it, because 60 seconds from the normal fever measurement can become eternity with lively animals. The PRT 1000 is recommended by many pet forks. The thing is done in just a few seconds and for the animal companions, then the phase of the malaise is over. In this case, the measurements should be relatively precise and the short period of time is at least as accurate as possible. In fact, the longer a thermometer is used, the more accurate the result. Many users have said that the fever thermometer is already showing the first results when it is only 10 seconds under its own armpit. If, on the other hand, it is kept under the armpit for an entire minute, as with traditional fever thermometers, the value can again vary by half a degree. After the fever measurement in many pet animals is however very difficult, the Braun PRT 1000 is a real savior in the emergency. The Braun thermometer often refers to the flexible tip. Compared to the rigid version, the measurement is much smoother. All household measurements are possible because it is waterproof and no glass is used.  

What must be observed with the thermometer?

Many catfriends attach the Braun HighSpeed PRT 1000 to the heart. The tip of the thermometer is flexible and the temperature can be measured relatively quickly. In addition, the temperature is measured relatively accurately. Finally, it is not easy to move a cat to the fever-gauge. The thermometer is well processed and stable. The thermometer is easy to disinfect and waterproof. The measurement is completed after only ten seconds. The PRT 1000 temperature thermometer can be operated with just one single button. With the help of the special design, it is easy to keep the cat and thermometer under control. The device can also be used very well for infants. The measured measurement is signaled by a beep sound and this after only a few seconds. Precisely because the thermometer is watertight, it can be inserted without problems in disinfecting solution or washed off. The protective cap is included, which is for the flexible and sensitive tip. The Swiss test magazine K-Tipp rated the digital thermometer very well in 2009. There are positive reviews from many users and so the users are also very satisfied. The judgment can be confirmed. The flexible tip is invaluable and usable measured values are obtained.


Conclusion guyThe digital thermometer from Braun is a good choice, whether for use for animals or for humans. The price of the thermometer is reasonable, it is practical and also reliable. The digital thermometer is extremely fast, easy to use and very precise. The fever thermometer offers a handy format in pocket format and has been developed for precise and simple temperature measurement. At Braun, reliability, innovation and professional measurement accuracy are always present. The thermometer is comfortable and compact in embroidery. The measurement lasts only 10 seconds and the tip is flexible and gentle. The last measurement can be stored and the thermometer is safe for children.  

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