Beurer BY 11 Frog Express Fever thermometer

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Test report: Beurer BY 11 Frog Express Fieberthermometer

Anyone who has ever had to measure a child's fever will know that this is not an easy task. A child does not like to be measured in the PoPo fever and will fight against it. Since mothers do not rarely bring this to the limit of despair, it is better to use a thermometer that delivers fast results. The Beurer Express temperature thermometer is suitable for this purpose. It provides very good results and the child can recover more quickly. After all, the mummy does not have to torment it unnecessarily now and can react quickly in case of fever.  

The delivery

Anyone who chooses the fever thermometer should buy it quickly. This allows a user to work quickly and do a good job. The thermometer is delivered quickly after ordering. It is also available quickly. The thermometer also has a price. This is perfectly appropriate here and will be good enough for the mother.  

The design

So that the child gets even more pleasure to get a fever measured, this is a frog watching the thermometer. The thermometer is great and of course makes a lot of. It is a real relief for the children, because they will look forward to the next fever in the future. The children themselves and the mother will now be able to achieve good knife results much faster. So everyone now has more joy and it is also great to measure fever. The thermometer is easy to use. All you have to do is press the button. Then the measurement begins. The user or better the mother will have a good and reliable measurement result.  

What is the thermometer for?

The thermometer is suitable for children and adults. This can measure rectal fever or even under the armpit. The parents are also allowed to use the thermometer to measure the water before bathing. This results in a very accurate value, which can only be useful to the parents. The measurement takes place within a very short 10 minutes. This is a very good measure, but is only mentioned as a guideline. It is also even faster to carry out the measurement. This can be done in less than 6 seconds. The thermometer has no glass on the surface and no mercury is present. The tip is also well-tolerated for the child.  

How is it easier?

Anyone who has to measure his fever in the fever can help the child a little. It can be given a little cream to the top of the thermometer. As a result, the measuring result is not falsified and the thermometer is easier to insert. The child will also feel better. The thermometer is great and makes a lot of. It is an aid that is perfect to handle. Also setting up before use is very easy. With this thermometer, the child finally makes the measurement fun again. For it is quite certain that the child is a child. Who does not love small frogs? Now the mother can relax and lean back. The child will not have any pain in the measurement.


Conclusion guyWith a good and reliable fever thermometer, everything is better and easier. A child who has a fever is a child who needs help. Now this help is quickly required. The child needs immediate assistance. This is only possible if the thermometer also works. This one looks great and it is also modern. Such a device works perfectly and even over a longer period of time. That is why the mother should decide. Only with a good thermometer is everything also good.  

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