Yamaha THR5 Ivory Guitar Amplifier

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Test report: Yamaha THR5 Ivory Gitarrenverstärker

The Yamaha THR5 Ivory Guitar Amplifier is a good amplifier, which you can use as a beginner and also as an intermediate to practice. Because this guitar amplifier has many good features that will get the best out of every electric guitar and make you feel like a rock star.  

Genuine design in retro look

Even the design of the Yamaha THR5 Ivory guitar amplifier is special. The amplifier differs visually very clearly from the usual models of other manufacturers and works alone thereby already outstanding. Finally, this guitar amplifier is manufactured in a retro look and looks particularly stylish. Thus the case is held in a cream-white-beige tone, which is retro, but also modern. The individual controls set an accent with black and are thus not overlooked either. The on / off switch is a silver colored pen. The carrying handle is also in silver. The side walls, however, like the controllers, are kept in black. The design on the boxes in V-formats looks very good. Of course, on the front, the company logo is typical for Yamaha.  

Various sound settings

With the Yamaha THR5 Ivory guitar amplifier, you can amplify any electric guitar and get the best sound out of the guitar. Because the different settings on the amplifier contribute to the fact that the sound can always be quite variable and individual. So the Yamaha THR5 Ivory guitar amplifier also makes it possible to play the most varied sound directions. Even the five different AMP simulations ensure that the sound can be quite different. Whether it's crunch, clean, Brit HI, modern or lead, this guitar amplifier can be set up as you need it to play. The Yamaha amplifier also has various effects that reflect more than just the usual standard. Because you can not only adjust the effects of chorus and tremolo on this amplifier. Reverb, Flanger, Delay, Phaser, Spring Reverb, Reverb and Delay / Reverb can also be played with this guitar amplifier. This makes it easy for the guitarist to play everything from the clear sound of an acoustic guitar to the heavy sound of an electric guitar. Of course, the sound can also be amplified or slightly changed.  

Very good and uncomplicated handling

The Yamaha THR5 Ivory guitar amp can not only convince with the different sound settings. Also the handling is very uncomplicated with this small exercise amplifier. The individual controls are clearly arranged on the upper side of the amplifier. So you can simply switch between the individual sound settings and find the right setting for a particular song quickly and easily and adjust. Of course, the connections were also easy to use. You just have to plug the cable from the electric guitar into the amplifier and you can get started. This is of course also with the other connection possibilities so. In addition, a small display is also installed on the top of the Yamaha THR5 Ivory guitar amplifier, which leads to an additional clarity. The small size of the amplifier contributes to the fact that it can not only be stored in a space-saving manner, but can also be transported uncomplicatedly. This, of course, also makes the handling much easier.  

Good workmanship

The processing of the Yamaha THR5 Ivory guitar amplifier is quite solid and stable. Because this amplifier does not consist of cheap plastics, even if the light weight might suggest this. The Yamaha THR5 Ivory Guitar Amplifier is high-quality processed and therefore has a good life. Even if you play with the feet or the electric guitar once against the amplifier, nothing happens, except that you might be frightened. At the amplifier itself but nothing happens.  

Solid finish

The Yamaha THR5 Ivory guitar amp has a solid design. Although it is not the largest amplifier with the dimensions 27.1 x 16.7 x 12.0 cm and the two kilograms are not necessarily of the size, but in the equipment this amplifier is definitely with the big ones at an eye level. So you can operate the amplifier with battery or power supply. Of course, the power supply is included and the USB cable is included in the delivery. A DVD-Rom and a stereo mini cable are also included in the scope of delivery. The speakers offer a good base with 2x 5 watts, which is very good for the size of the amplifier.


Conclusion guy With the Yamaha THR5 Ivory guitar amp you get a solid and compact amplifier, which you can easily use for practicing at home. Although he is not suitable for the stage, most guitarists do not need it anyway. With the different settings many sounds can be produced. The price / performance ratio is very good for the guitar amplifier in the overall picture.

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