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Test report: VOX VT20 X Guitar Amplifier

With the new Combo-Amp VOX VT20 X for electric guitar, Vox is reinforcing the successful Valvetronix series. The Amp in the classic Vox design features numerous new features, especially the Modeling Engine. The dimensions of the VOX VT20 X are 410 x 225 x 347 mm. With its 7.3 kilograms the Vox VT20X is very handy. Vox's distinctive front cover makes the amp optically a real classic, while the workmanship is very solid and the Tolex cover is convincing across the board.  

Features of the VT20 X

An 8 "speaker is provided inside the 20 watt amplifier. No other terminals or sockets are available on the backside, except for the power supply connection. In the pre-stage, the VT20 X has a multi-stage tube circuit and a 12 AX 7 pre-stage tube. Thanks to the algorithm, the partially very complex circuits of the modeled amplifiers are modeled as a compute model, which also affects the sound control and the interactions of the individual settings. The bias shift button, located to the right of the ventilation slots, determines the resting current of the tube. Class displays the operation of the power amplifier. If the bias-shift button does not light up, it is a standard resting current, with the Cold setting decreasing it, which makes the sound clearer and more sustain. The Hot setting increases the rush current, giving the distorted sound more dynamics.  

Wide effect palette

The VOX VT20 X has an impressive number of classic effects, which are distributed to the pedal 1, pedal 2 and reverb. Pedal 1 operates compressor, overdrive, distortion and chorus. Pedal 2 is for Flanger, Tremolo, Delay and Phaser. The Reverb section provides Room, Hall, Plate and Spring. The delay of the VT20 X can be generated with regard to the repetition by means of the tap button, which then lights up at the respective tempo. In addition, the button activates the tuning function and all effects are set to bypass, the button is held for more than one second. The potentiators labeled Value 1 and Value 2 are assigned different parameters depending on the effect. Value 1 for chorus, for example, provides modulation speed and value 2 for modulation depth. With respect to the distortion, the two potentiots edit the Tone and Gain functions. Value 1 also regulates the noise gate, which can be set individually for each program.  

Numerous connection possibilities

The Aux-In and the headphone jack, each with a 3.5 mm jack, are intended for the connection of audio devices or headphones or line-out stereo cables. The VT20 X offers the possibility to save all parameters, except for the total volume, with two banks each with four channels available, which can be recalled on the display with the buttons bank and CH1 to CH4. Vox offers a suitable foot switch, which can be purchased as an option.  

With USB port

Below the memory buttons, a USB port ensures that the VT20 X can be coupled to the computer, allowing you to manage and edit the virtual effects and amps using the editor / librarian software. The software can be downloaded from the Vox website. It is also possible to connect the VT20 X via an Apple USB camera adapter to an iPad or the iPhone. The VT20 X is equipped with a variety of different effects, which convince by the excellent sound quality and through which the sound design can be designed very extensively and flexibly.


Conclusion guyThe VT20 X impresses with its first-class sound and good processing. Besides the fair price-performance ratio, the numerous features and effects provide for enthusiasm. The very successful Tone-Room software can be downloaded free of charge from the manufacturer web site, the operation is intuitive and uncomplicated and the software extends the VT20 X by several effects and amps.

Compact quality that convinces on the whole line

The classic Vox design, low weight and compact dimensions make the high-quality amp a reliable companion on stage, at home and in the pro-room. Here, quality meets flexibility and a well thought-out overall concept at a fair price. The VT20 X is suitable for real guitar professionals as well as beginners and beginners. The numerous features and the ability to connect the amp to the computer are not only contemporary, but also set new standards.

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