Vox Pathfinder Guitar Amplifier

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Test report: Vox Pathfinder Guitar Amplifier

The company Vox should also be a concept for many musicians. This amplifier listens to the sound name Pathfinder and comes with the article description also quite right therefore. The compact amplifier is a device that delivers the legendary Vox sound at a small price. Although the amplifier has only one transistor equipment, therefore also the unbeatable low-priced price explains, but as soon as one throws the modern High Gain Amp comes to the fore.Its hammer potential with the overdrive potency unfolds the amplifier despite the low entry costs. With under 100 euros you can get a piece of the legendary sound into the house. It is ideal for home use and also as a device for the Proberaum or for smaller performances one can score with the 10 W reinforcement. The speakers weigh just 5 kg, somt are also very easily portable. So you can take it as an emergency amplifier again or take it to the Einspielspiel in the backstage area. The performance data of the Bulldog loudspeaker can be very impressive. The power of 10 W we had already mentioned, the RMS beträg 6.5 ". In addition to the already mentioned Switchable Overdrive, it should be noted yet that the course Inappropriate headphone jack doubles as line-out. His advantage in terms The dimensions are 380 x 260 x 170 mm, it is easy to carry thanks to its light weight and easy to store and handle thanks to its dimensions: just when you are on an evening Many times build up and dismantle must be very worthwhile.


Conclusion guy The Vox Pathfinder is a real bargain among the amplifiers. With under 100 euros the price can really be seen, because in relation to this cheap and cheap rate one can not complain with regard to the performance really. Although the device is very cheap, but still has a very long life and a relatively good workmanship and at a considerable load capacity, considering the small price. You get the Pathfinder already for under 70 euro including shipping, which can be called an amplifier really small money.This device is also a real lightweight. The weight of just rounded 5 kg speaks for itself. This device can also be used for a mobile use, as it can be transported over long distances. For comparison, other similar devices cost just double the double and weigh also the double. This factor may seem unimportant, but as I am musically much on the road and traveling, there really counts every gram. In addition, the unit also has a very compact amplifier, which can be easily stowed with its dimensions everywhere and fits well in every car. An advantage, considering that there are artists who have to build such a device often in the evening udn have to dismantle again. Considering that you have to invest only very little money on a lot of equipment, you can be sure that the Pathfinder does not do anything wrong, because the handling and the ratio between price and performance speak simply for themselves. A single disadvantage I have to mention. The enthusiasts of Akkustik Gitrarren can not profit from this inexpensive bang, because the device is unfortunately only for use with E guitars. This means that the players of Western, acoustic or small guitars can not look forward to the small Vox Pathfinder, but have to deal with other devices from other manufacturers.

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