Roland 406850E99 Guitar Amplifier

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Test report: Roland 406850E99 Guitar Amplifier

Many adults and children live for music. In order to be able to perform this hobby perfectly, professional equipment is required. The Roland 406850E99 guitar amplifier is at the forefront, even if it is only an amplifier for the smaller frame. The high-quality materials and their fine detail adjustment are responsible for this. With this amplifier, a birthday party is a complete success.  

Seat selection - no problem

Since an amplifier is also a quiet rest, a place is needed, where the amplifier can retract. With the small product dimensions this should be an easy task. With the dimensions of 10.8 x 28 x 17.7 centimeters, these are extremely small. Also the overall weight is hardly worth mentioning. This amounts to just 454 grams. The neutral black color and the timeless design are also no obstacle in the field selection. All other furnishings are compatible with the Roland 406850E99 guitar amplifier.  

Commissioning - very easy

By using the guitar amplifier with batteries, the musician simply has to insert it into the compartment provided for it. Then connect the guitar to the amplifier, press the power button and you can start. Important, 6-AA batteries are required for commissioning. Even if the batteries have a long life, a supply can not hurt. Thus an interruption of the music session is suggested.  

Amenities - awesome

The guitar amplifier from Roland is equipped with a headphone jack. In addition, the musician finds two loudspeakers with the guitar amplifier. These make power really good. Therefore, the musician can adjust the setting individually. In addition, there are two AUX-IN connectors and two RCA connectors. These can be used to connect an MP3 player or a drum computer. Two plug connections are also integrated. Even a microphone belongs to the basic equipment. The performance of the Roland 406850E99 guitar amplifier strikes with five watts to beech. The power is divided into two times 2.5 watts. Even if that is not much power, for this guitar amplifier more than sufficient. An equalizer is also happy to support the settings for the musician. The highlight of the guitar amplifier is that it can be used flexibly. That means, no matter if an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar should sound, everything is possible. The sound is unique. Even connecting a smartphone is a children's game. Thus the songs sound as if a professional sings live.  

Transport - not an issue

In order to transport the amplifier, a shoulder strap was integrated. This can also be used as a carrying strap at the same time. Because the belt is very stable, it keeps the weight of the amplifier perfectly. This ensures that the guitar amplifier can be transported excellently from A to B.  

Security - optimally guaranteed

Due to the fact that the amplifier's footprint is very wide, the musician must not be afraid that the amplifier will tip over. The stand even holds a stimulator perfectly. All these features make the amplifier perfect for mobile use. Due to the robust processing it is also not a problem if the Roland 406850E99 guitar amplifier falls from the transporter. The musician does not find all the details. In addition, the corners and edges of the device are rounded off, so the consumer does not get bruises, even if he runs with full force. The headphones are hidden behind a grid, so you can not accidentally insert a headphone.  

Usability - very simple

No matter if you are a translator or a professional, all musicians can use the amplifier optimally. This is because the buttons and controls are convenient and easy to use. By simple turning movements, the music fan can perform the appropriate setting. It does not matter whether the bass, the volume or the sound must be controlled. The fact that many buttons are located above the amplifier are very easy to reach. Even if the hands are already sweating, the musician does not slip off the controller.


Conclusion guyThe conclusion to the Roland 406850E99 guitar amplifier can only be purchase recommendation. The fault is due to the fact that the amplifier is absolutely suitable for everyday use. In addition, the usage traces are limited. So a price-performance ratio as with this amplifier is not so fast. By working with this device, a Hobbymusiker becomes a professional.  

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