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Test report: Orange Crush 35 RT Guitar Amplifier

The Orange Crush 35 RT guitar amplifier is manufactured by the English company Orange Music Electronic Company. However, this manufacturer is known to most users under "Orange". The company was founded in 1968 and initially only amplifier amplifiers were produced. The products of "Orange" are distinguished by their vinyl covers. The company also produces loudspeakers for electric guitars and electric basses. The Crush series is particularly suitable for the guitar entry. There is a wide selection of models of transistor amplifiers. The orange guitar amplifier "Orange Crush 35 RT" weighs approximately 12 kilos and has dimensions of 44x40x23 cm. Due to its size it is one of the more handy amplifiers. This has 35 watts and a clean and a gain channel. The integrated headphone output can also be used as a recording-out. The guitar amplifier is equipped with a digital reverb and a tuner and a 10 inch loudspeaker sits in the closed housing. The quality is very high quality. No residues of glue or other processing defects are visible. No unevenness is visible on the orange cover of vinyl material. The corners of the amplifier are additionally reinforced and protected by black metal parts. At a higher volume level there are no background noises. The guitar amplifier can very well intercept and reproduce the sounds. The case hardly vibrates, which in turn allows a clear and unadulterated sound.  


The operation of this guitar amplifier is somewhat different than with the "standard amplifiers". The arrangement of the controls differentiate a bit. The on / off button is on the back of the amplifier. The Crush 35 RT has all the necessary connections for making music. But, above all, for the silent playing of guitars. The three main controllers - for gain, clean and dirty - are visible as three larger controls and are easy to recognize. The controls can be moved without any resistance. The instrument input is located on the right side of the amplifier. The clean channel is next to it. The gain regulator is responsible for the degree of consumption and is also located next to it. The Dirty control is behind the three-tone control. The Dirty knob is also called the master controller. The three channels can be adjusted by a miniswitch. On the rear there is also a connection for a foot switch. The guitar amplifier has a 3.5 mm AUX input and a frequency-corrected headphone input. The AUX input allows you to play back a playback track. This is the perfect way to play back songs. The sound of the sound with the headphones is however far not as good as the "original" sound. The serial effect path does not distort sounds and is really convincing. When using shorter and better shielded cables, interference can be prevented. A tuner is also available.  


The maximum volume is very acceptable. Especially when the size of the amplifier is taken into account. Especially in small rooms an amplifier alone is sufficient. For larger rooms it is recommended to use several amplifiers. The clean channel creates a crystal-clear and natural sound and the digital sound creates additional sound volume. The cleansound is warm and with an unobtrusive bass fundament. When the maximum volume is reached, the amplifier begins to distort the sounds somewhat. However, this sound level is also much more than just room volume. Up to this very high level, the sound remains clear and guitar-like. The sounds are dynamic in the gain channel. The overtones are accurately reproduced without problems. A three-band EQ can trim the tones in various directions and provide sufficient functions. The power amplifier operates with analog transistor technology. Generally, the guitar amplifier in the clean but also in the gain channel is very noisy. In the hobby area this is sufficient. For bands with drummers or a second guitarist, however, the Orange Crush 35 RT guitar amplifier reaches its limits.


Conclusion guyThe guitar amplifier Crush 35 RT is an absolutely recommended exercise amplifier. The sound is convincing and the equipment is completely sufficient. The guitar amplifier Crush 35 RT can best be shown when practicing. The quality of the workmanship is exemplary and the optics there is nothing to complain about. For correct use and positioning, the amplifier can also be used as a stage amplifier. The Orange Crush 35 RT delivers both low-pitched sounds and loud sounds in good sound. The amp is very dynamic. The guitar amplifier Orange Crush 35 RT makes an excellent overall impression. The warm fundamental tone and the dull bass tones are very appealing and convincing.  

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