Laney VC15 110 Guitar Amplifier

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Test report: Laney VC15 110 Guitar Amplifier

The Laney Amplifier is a guitar amplifier with the type designation VC 15 110 has perfected the tube construction for itself. The tube construction provides a full sound and gives the amplifier its typical, stage-like appearance. If you buy a tube amplifier, you can be sure to fill the halls aloud.To the performance one can say that the amplifier is a device with a power of 15 watts. The amplifier is thus powerful, but not exaggerated. The two channels are by default installed and the loudspeaker configuration is 1 x 10 ". When typing, so the speaker type is Jensen. It has a stage tone control bass, treble and downs and can therefore also that music style and But you should make sure that the correct settings are selected before the start, a setting during operation on the stage is very complex and because of the somewhat complicated installation also quite complicated.


Conclusion guy With 11 kg, the Laney amplifier VC 15 110 is a not just light amplifier. Each kilo includes a performance, which is worth the towing. If you buy an amplifier, you should also consider the dimensions and the weights, a point which many users like to displace. After all, you must also be able to transport the amplifier back and forth to the performances or dates.If you want a purist 15 Watt loudspeaker, you should buy this Class A / B full-tube amp with 2 EL84 power amplifiers. This means you have complete technology and high performance, in the form of a compact device, for the house use and for the tasks that you imagine for a guitar amplifier. The device is not only good at home, but also in the home, but can also be used during the performances. It is compatible with all current systems and for the performance even at a very reasonable price. With just under 500 euro should one but not begin to save. It is worth investing in high-quality devices and buying from a slightly more expensive device. One factor that needs to be mentioned is that the amplifier has a serial loop-in path. And he has 12AX7 pre-amp tubes over three times. Regarding the end stage tubes one can say that these with 2 x EL 84 are a bit poor. With the Laney VC 15 110 amplifiers of the music, you can also add sound effects, which can be achieved with the help of sound and reverb, and can further promote the enjoyment once again in a particularly positive way. If you get this amplifier you have a solid, solid piece of technology with some extras and a few gimmicks, at a fair and acceptable price, even if this price does not move in the lower third of the order it is still worth its investment in the amplifier Can be accepted and used without problems. Otherwise, the amplifier is a very nice piece, which will also make a good figure in front of the audience. If you buy an amplifier, you should pay attention not only to the weight, but also factors like the warranty are important. Here one is on the safe side and has the legal basis on its side. Before you start, you should always read the documentation carefully, since this is a technical device, in which a faulty operation can lead to problems. This applies, of course, to all technical devices, but is often neglected, especially for amplifiers.

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