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Review: Laney LA35C Guitar Amplifier

The Laney LA35C is an acoustic guitar amplifier with a power of 35 watts. With a size of 31.7 x 44.6 x 35 cm, this amplifier is very compact in its design and fits in every corner or is so small that it can be placed on a small stage.  

Optics and operation

The amplifier Laney LA35C is in the color brown. When it is on the stage, the effects of light are not reflected from the case. Unlike the modern devices, this amplifier also has rotary knobs that control all effects. The optics therefore has a bit of something traditional and in many acoustic guitar players certainly also partly a touch of nostalgia. The rotary knobs, however, may be somewhat unfashionable. Nevertheless, ensure a simple handling and precise adjustment of the desired effects. The Hall can be switched on or off simply by pressing a button. The chorus effect can also be controlled by pressing a button. Speed and mix are controlled by two knobs. The metal lattice front is built into the housing of this amplifier very tightly and for this reason also holds a lot of.  

The technology

The Laney LA35C amplifier has a 5-band equalizer, which allows the player of the acoustic guitar to screw around the sound neatly. Thanks to the Aux input, it is also possible to connect a CD player or an MP3 player to this amplifier. This makes Playback possible, which can be heard by the loudspeakers. Who is more a live performer with the acoustic guitar, for which is the most important button for the setting certainly of the frequency filter. This prevents annoying feedback even at high volume. The Laney LA35C also has a microphone input. This can be controlled via a volume knob. The result is a sound which is very satisfying for such a device, which has already gotten a bit old and whose technology is not exactly up to date. Contrary to many modern instruments of this kind, the attached guitar sounds less "artificial". This is due above all to the 3-band EQ Klingelektronik installed in this amplifier.  

Speakers and other features

The housing of this amplifier is tiltable and therefore also perfect as a monitor to use. And for the sound to get out, the Laney LA35C has two 6.5 '' coaxial speakers. These are sufficient to provide the desired sound effect in the exercise room or a small screening room. The loudspeakers are located behind the metal grating front.  

Small, compact and very portable

The Laney LA35C is very easy to transport thanks to its small size and above all the weight of just 11 kilos. This is particularly worthwhile if only a small vehicle with small payload or limited space is available for the journey to the gig. This amplifier also fits into a small niche of the trunk  


With its performance, the Laney LA35C is not an amplifier that can be used for larger concerts or longer tours, where different stages are available. The amplifier is, however, ideally suited for practicing in the home garage, the cellar or wherever the exercise room is at home. In addition, this amplifier can also be taken very well when it comes to a pub or at a folk festival, where a small stage is built up. Also for a carnival event from a not so big club in a gym, the amplifier is enough. This amplifier can be connected via Xlr as well as via a jack plug. These connection possibilities should always be present accordingly.


Conclusion guyFor all those who play nostalgia when playing acoustic guitars, the Laney LA35C amplified is excellently suited. For the operation and adjustment of the sound effects on this amplifier for acoustic guitars are knobs and knobs. Many users say, however, that this manual adjustment or the finding of the right setting plays the acoustic guitars first. Also the optics of this amplifier attract many users of the optics of a modern device. The case of this amplifier has a story to tell, while the look of the newer models is simply "cold".  

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