Kinsman KG70FX Guitar Amplifier

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Test report: Kinsman KG70FX Guitar Amplifier

The Kinsman KG70FX guitar amp proved in a practical test its very good product characteristics. Kinsmann as a manufacturer is known for its good yet very simple guitar amplifiers. This brand is well-known for its combo design and thus our test team found a model that not only made a name for itself through its brand, but also convinced its very good qualities. The Kinsman KG70FX was tested in the test and this model is very popular with many leisure musicians, but also in professional use.  

Very flexible functions and easy operation of the Kinsman KG70FX guitar amplifier in the test

The guitar amplifier test related to the qualities this Kinsman KG70FX guitar amp offers to the user. How easy it is to use this guitar amplifier and what kind of sound qualities the device offers the customer that were the questions which played an important role in the test. The test team noticed that the design is very compact and therefore this amplifier is ideally suited for transport. Let's get back to simple operation, every musician has it easy, because it is almost intuitively possible to use these amplifiers if you have a power connection nearby. The selection of the tones is very variable, but this does not mean that sounds are simply distorted but only amplified. Thus, every attack on the guitar appears strong and clear. This results in a wonderful sound diversity, which is achieved by means of the flexible functions determined in the test.  

How professional can the use of the Kinsman KG70FX guitar amplifier be?

Our test focused on the usage characteristics of this amplifier for guitars. Can a leisure musician just practice it, or can it be that with this Kinsman KG70FX guitar amplifier can occur before the audience? According to our test team, the professional use is conceivable, because the measured sound qualities were simply convincing in the test. There are sounds that are really inspiring and do not appear cheap as a sound image.  

The equipment and the look of the Kinsman KG70FX guitar amplifier in the test

How does the amplifier work visually, that was a question that our team busy. Guitar amplifiers should not be noticed visually, but the amplified sounds that the guitar player generates. Here, with a black vinyl coating, this Kinsman KG70FX guitar amplifier seemed to us to be very passable and exactly as a guitarist expected it. Technically and visually, this guitar amplifier is consistent and that is our subjectively good impression of the Kinsman KG70FX guitar amplifier. This classic design and good workmanship show that this manufacturer understands his craft and with 70 watts the guitarist offers here a very good device, that is balanced with overdrive channels, volume, form and level control. Also a channel selection is easy and direct to switch and continues with the level regulator which can also be operated intuitively. The Kinsman KG70FX guitar amp also features digital effects such as flanger, chorus, tremolo and phaser and tremolo. All around it is very strong built and thus robust, the corners are protected with stainless steel metal caps and thus this amplifier is very suitable. Our good impression of the test has really been confirmed by the optics and the quality of the requirements.


Conclusion guyThe conclusion to the detailed function test of the Kinsman KG70FX guitar amplifier is very good, because this guitar amplifier offers a very balanced ratio between price and performance. The Kinsman KG70FX guitar amplifier is the perfect choice for guitarists who are looking for a really good amplifier with medium power. The at least is our subjective impression and in many details, the quality is confirmed by the Kinsman as a manufacturer. What you want to ask is also a question that you have to ask yourself as an interested person. There are, of course, more powerful guitar amplifiers, but one must also think about the purpose of a use. Our conclusion from the test also shows that this product is well-balanced, because many prospective customers will immediately benefit from the simple and reliable operation. The connections are also very robust, because everyone knows how hard a transport can be and what these amplifiers have to withstand. This results in a very convincing overall picture for this Kinsman KG70FX guitar amplifier, which will bring a lot of pleasure to the customer. You get here a very mature model, which was manufactured by a manufacturer who understands his craft in this profession. As a total result and conclusion, a very good recommendation for the purchase for the Kinsman KG70FX guitar amplifier.

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