Fender Mustang III V2 Guitar Amplifier

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Test report: Fender Mustang III V2 Guitar Amplifier

The Mustang III V2 Modeling guitar combo has a power of 100 watts and an impedance of 8 ohms. This is a very robust and compact device. It has been manufactured to high quality and provides many years of service. The amplifier can be used with its relatively light weight of 15 kg.  

Characteristics of the Fender Mustang III V2

The Fender Mustang II V2 is equipped with a Celestion G12T-100 loudspeaker. With it, a channel with over 100 presets is available. Many musicians choose this model because it is easy to use. For the fine adjustment, some controls are easily operated. Volume, treble, bass, reverb, master or gain can be adjusted individually. The soft key buttons can be used for the amp selection.  

Many connection possibilities

The Fender Guitar Amplifier is equipped with a Speaker Emulated USB output and a double foot switch. It is particularly advantageous that the download licenses are already included in the purchase of the amplifier. For this, of course, an Internet access is required. The Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender Edition is now ready. It is compatible with Mustang USB Recordingoutput and the AmpliTube Fender LE Edition with Fender FUSEeditor / librarian software for PC and Mac. Since the amplifier can be connected to the PC without problems, there are many advantages. Many Mustang variants are distinguished by the number (mono-stereo) or the performance of the built-in loudspeakers and by the number of simulated effects, amplifiers and microphones. With this Fender guitar amplifier, guitarists are supplied with effects all round.  

A high-quality amplifier

This model was produced to a high standard, not from Fender. The cover is cleanly processed. All controls and buttons offer a high operating comfort. For many musicians, the various amp characters are important in choosing the amp. This Fender model offers even 18 amp. The amplifier provides a good sound and is therefore preferred by many guitarists. As a model amp, the amplifier is capable of simulating a variety of combination of ground effects, amplifiers, rack effects and microphones. Since the effect devices and amplifiers offer additional setting devices, unlimited new sound pictures can be set for the electric guitar. These sounds can of course be stored and used permanently. If desired, the various sound images can be recalled. By default, 100 presets are already available, and more can be accessed via the Fender Community.  

Many settings are possible

The black amplifier can be used for performances, at rehearsals and in the studio. It is equipped with a sturdy handle on the upper side, which makes it easy to transport. Many stomp modulation, reverb, or delay effects can be used. There are a total of 9 possibilities for delay effects: mono delay, stereo echo filter, mono echo filter, ping pong delay, ducking delay, multitap delay, reverse delay, stereo tape delay and tape delay. The only disadvantage of the amplifier is, that the display was not high-quality. In addition, only one small jack is available for connecting the headphone. Otherwise the amplifier offers everything you need for a perfect sound. It is very powerful and makes any fun with it.  

Easily load songs

The Amlitube Fender is a slightly stripped version of the amplitude. This system requires a download and a registration. By amplifying your own guitar can be combined directly with the PC via the audio interface. The Mustang can be used as a pure loudspeaker. With Ableton Live, songs can be played completely. The individual instruments are easily recorded on different tracks. Due to the amplitude, re-loading is not necessary. The system recognizes the input signal and combines this with the newly created sound. This offers a great advantage.


Conclusion guyFender has launched the Mustang III V2, a high-quality guitar amplifier at a good price. The amplifier has a weight of 15 kg and can be used for studio recordings or performances. Thanks to its compact dimensions (62 x 62 x 37.5 cm) it can be taken anywhere. The amplifier can be individually adjusted with many knobs and knobs. It offers a great sound and can be easily connected to a PC or Mac. This gives the software Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender Edition. The software is included with the purchase of the amplifier just like a practical foot switch. With this amplifier, Fender has developed a device which can be used individually due to its numerous effects.

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