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Review: FlashForge Dreamer 3D printer

The FlashForge Dreamer 3D printer in the video

With the FlashForge Dreamer, you get a 3D printer, which moves easily above the entry level category. Accordingly, the machine based on the FFM technique meets the highest demands. The device is convincing in the test by easy commissioning, the extensive functionality as well as the easy operation via a touch screen.  

FlashForge Dreamer scores with numerous advantages

Manufacturer FlashForge from China is considered to be no novice in the field of 3D printing. Before the "Dreamer" the company presented other devices in the corresponding market segment. Thanks to the experience of the Chinese brand, the FlashForge Dreamer 3D printer has a number of advantages.  

Dual-extruder: pressure with different materials

The dual-extruder has to be emphasized when testing the "FlashForge Dreamer". You get a 3D printer that has two different nozzles. This extends the possibilities for the printing process. You have the option to combine two different materials or colors in one print object. For example, you print simultaneously with ABS and PLA.  

Easy operation via touchscreen

In addition, the user appreciates the FlashForge Dreamer's touch screen display. The clear LCD screen lists all the configuration and configuration options. This makes the manufacturer easy to operate the device. While the 3D printer is producing a desired object, the high-resolution display informs you about the current progress. With regard to the software, choose between the included program Flashprint or the professional software Simplify3D.  

Easy commissioning according to instructions

Before printing, follow the setup and commissioning of the device. In this point the FlashForge Dreamer knows again convince. In the course of commissioning, you attach the components required for the printing in the interior to the correct positions. For this, the manufacturer provides a brief guide to the scope of delivery. In addition, you will find a detailed operating instruction on its homepage. Alternatively, a memory card is included. There FlashForge also deposited the required instructions. The main task in the process of commissioning applies the fixing of the print head. You will find the required tool again in the scope of delivery. Then mount the filaments and position the printing plate with integrated heating. The heating bed reaches temperatures of up to 120 degrees Celsius. This prevents distortion of the printed objects by different cooling speeds.  

Convincing technical data at FlashForge's Dreamer

In addition, the presented and tested 3D printer scores with its technical data. For pressure resolution, choose between 100, 150 and 200 microns. If you are at the finest level with 100 microns, the machine produces optically high-quality results. Regarding the pressure range, the FlashForge Dreamer includes a pressure chamber with 230 x 150 x 140 millimeters. This results in the maximum size for the printed objects. The accuracy of pressure is, according to the manufacturer's instructions between 0.1 and 0.2 millimeters. As a last advantage, it is important to mention the numerous interfaces of FlashForge Dreamer. These are required to transfer your 3D models to the device to be printed. FlashForge offers several options for the Dreamer machine.They have the classic option to connect from a PC via a USB cable. Alternatively, you can transfer the digital template on an SD card. The most comfortable way to integrate the 3-D printer into your network. This allows Wi-Fi support. Then transfer the 3D model to the FlashForge Dreamer wirelessly and without a memory card. In addition, FlashForge offers you an application for smartphones or tablets to control the 3D printer.  

Disadvantage with the Dreamer: loud fan

In view of the numerous advantages explained, the search for serious disadvantages with the Dreamer of FlashForge is difficult. The Chinese manufacturer delivers a very convincing product. As a point of criticism, the volume of the fans turns out to be tested after commissioning. If a printing process is running, you can hear the fans clearly. Even outside the actual pressure phases the fans remain audible.


Conclusion guy

Successful 3-D printer with reasonable price-performance ratio

In summary, FlashForge with the Dreamer including dual-extruder delivers a more than satisfactory 3-D printer in the test. At the price-performance ratio, there is no fault. From the technical data such as the resolution here knows as convincing as in the commissioning and operation via touchscreen. The machine through the dual-extruder and the film thickness of 100 microns lifts the Dreamer pure entry-level products from. The dual-extruder mentioned above offers you the chance to produce two-color workpieces or two different materials.

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