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Review: SMOKI smoker stainless steel disc

Smoked fish, or a ham, there is certainly not much tasty. But who does not want to fall back from the store now on smoked fish or ham, whichbuys a smokehouse. This circumstance was to create a smokehouse for me occasion.My choice was the smokehouse SMOKI. Why it was precisely this smokehouse and what experience I have done so, you can find below.  

Specifications for Smoker

All stainless steel construction of the smokehouse of SMOKI is processed. Thus the smoker appear in a very robust design. The smokehouse is equipped with a large door that allows access to the entire smokehouse. The door of the smoker is provided with a large pane ofglass. The dimensions of the smokehouse amount in height 120 cm, the width 39 cm, and ultimately in the depth of 33 cm. Due to its characteristics, the smoker is both for the so-called cold, but also for hot smoking. This means the Smoker can be operated with the fire, but also with a gas burner or electric heating. The latter, a gas burner and an electric heater for operation by the smoker is not included. Rounding out the extensive range ofaccessories from the vent holes, coal drawer Glutkasten, grease drip tray and curing meal at the smokehouse. Also this bag a smokehouse is made of stainless steel. Particularly positive when SMOKI smokehouse was the fact that this was delivered in a finished state. This means an assembly of the smokehouse was unnecessary. So I had the smokehouse unpack from the box and could start immediately. This was sometimes a reason why I have decided to purchase from SMOKI smokehouse.  

Easy to use

At first glance the SMOKI smoker has ever convinced. But how well the smokehouse of SMOKI is indeed, has proved only at the first use. For operation from the smokehouse I opted for the variant with fire. The openings tokindle the fire are large, so you can work well. About the vent holes with the smokehouse is equipped, you can easily adjust the air supply at the smokehouse. With its 11 brackets and the extensive accessories the smokehouse provides plenty of space for smoked, and not only for fish but also for meat or vegetables. total the smokehouse of SMOKI is equipped with nine levels. Due to the size of the smoker can this very easily assemble, but also refer to the smoked again. Precisely because of the partly high temperatures, working with the smokehouse is very pleasant. Through theglass window at the smokehouse you can very well understand the smoking process. Not insignificantly during smoking of course is also the consequence, namely the clean from the smokehouse. But here again the smokehouse proves very easy to use for. Due to the numerous openings which have been described, one can very easily clean the smokehouse. Water, a bit of detergent is sufficient for cleaning the smokehouse out already. Again, I was the smokehouse fully convinced. Also have convinced me that handles the SMOKI smokehouse. So the SMOKI smokehouse is both left and right as equipped each with a carrying handle. The handles can be very easy to transport and set up the smokehouse. I, for example, depositories the smokehouse at the time where I do not use him in the garage. He is but Situated in the garden, with handles of transport from smoker is not a problem.  

Accessories for Smoker

So you can start right away with the smoking, it obviously depends on theaccessories from the smokehouse.Except for the smoking meal of delivery includes the SMOKI Smoker everything you need. These include, for example, the individual rods, the gratings, hooks and baskets. So you can very safely his fish and other food to be smoked hanging in the smokehouse. The accessories such as hooks and baskets are made of stainless steel. Thus, you can also very easy to clean these accessories from the smokehouse. Also part of the equipment at the smokehouse still a thermometer. Using the thermometer you can still well understand the temperature in the smoker. Anyone who is unsure how the smoking works, finds included also a very comprehensive user guide. Use of this manual can be very simple step by step take the smokehouse in operation.  

Stability from the smokehouse

Not insignificantly with mypurchase decision was the stability. Den in my household, I have not only children, but also a dog. Thus there is always the potential danger that the smoker can be overturned. Due to the size of the smoker, the design and the high weight of 20 kg of this is however virtually impossible. For example, I set up the smokehouse on the table and it was very safe.  

Safety Smoker

Not only but the stability was veryimportant to me and convinced me, the door from the smokehouse is particularly secured. So the door at the smokehouse with a lock is provided with parental controls. Thus the smoker can be operated very safely. Where there is a small disadvantage in operation from smokehouse, namely the temperature. Due to the processing of stainless steel smoker this is very warm during operation. Here one should be careful during the smoking process, not the one at the end burn your hands.


conclusion guyGood stainless steel of the smokehouse is processed. By processing the smokehouse that is very robust and durable. Due to the size of the smoker has this much space for all kinds to be smoked. Do not disregard the fact that you can easily maintain the smokehouse of SMOKI.Because of the processing from the smokehouse, the ease of use and extensive range ofaccessories from the smokehouse can recommend this only. Also, because you can easily maintain the smoking oven and its accessories with hooks and baskets. Of particular note during SMOKI smokehouse is still thelow price.Emphasized the Smoker is his safety, so the smoker is particularly stable and provided with a lockable door at the smokehouse. A small disadvantage I could make out the SMOKI smokehouse in the end, that is the temperature. So the smokehouse in operation even outside is warm, where you have to watch. Overall, I can SMOKI smoker but only recommend.

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