Technical characteristics

Bulb LED
light power no information
material aluminum alloy and plastic
operation time 5 hours
length 15 cm
maximum depth 25 m
weight 290 grams
waterproof available
front switch not available
special strap for mounting the lamp


  • the price is cheap
  • the luminosity is sufficient
  • the dive light is light and small
  • good workmanship


  • the underwater color is fade
  • modes are not self-explanatory
  • bracelet is not tight and fixed

small dive light with long light duration

with this test would we help you decide for or against the LED DF20 CREE diving Flashlight from OxyLED. We have tested the small, lightweight model through its paces.

Packaging and delivery

the torch came in an unadorned, 17 x 12 x 5 cm small, matte black plastic box, which is reminiscent of a snack box, to me. All 358 grams, the neon-yellow dive light is a light-weight. In the box CREE dive light are in addition to the OxyLED DF20:
  • the rechargeable Li-ion 18650 battery with transparent push sleeve
  • incl. USB cable charger
  • a battery version for two AAA batteries (not included)
  • a bracelet
  • a holder of key federal
  • warranty card
  • instructions in English
that the instructions only in English while diver is somewhat a pity therewho does not speak English, are from the puzzles, you can turn the different modes, because without this knowledge, the torch has only one obvious function.

Some of our pictures from the OxyLED DF20 Cree LED dive light

OxyLED DF20 Tauchlampe 1 OxyLED DF20 Tauchlampe 2 OxyLED DF20 Tauchlampe 4 OxyLED DF20 Tauchlampe 5 OxyLED DF20 Tauchlampe 6 OxyLED DF20 Tauchlampe 7 OxyLED DF20 Tauchlampe 8 OxyLED DF20 Tauchlampe 9

equipment of the dive light

torch lamp head has a LED and is made of thick glass, which is coated with an aluminium alloy. The body of the housing is made of plastic. There on the screw-on end of the battery is inserted into the left and right to turn the opportunity. It assumes on and left to right. More features does not have the flashlight - doesn't need it but also because diving lamps Yes only one should: illuminate. the arm cuff instructions would have in turn made sense, but more on that later. At a price of less than 30 euros (June 2016) a real bargain caught with the torch of OxyLED, that a good performance brings and not hurts, when time is lost, or should be confiscated by an exceedingly strict customs.

Optics and processing the torch

the torch has a screaming neon yellow body with a small stylized divers with a lamp in his hand on the handle and a silver lamp head. The processing seems to be solid. The weak point of all lamps - the aufdrehbare CAP is insulated with three thicker rubber rings, penetrated by the, at least during the test, no water. The lamp is very easy, small and short. The strap to secure the torch on the arm is very cheap processed, tweaks and itch, and is very tight. Nevertheless it can be not really fixed adjusted. On the manufacturer's product photos a different bracelet seems to be imaged, because you can wrap again the local fixation on the lamp. This isn't normal mortals, with regular meeting with the supplied strap. I have tried it yet on the arms of my dive buddies and had the same success. Either there is a trick to get fixed with the dive light (on bare skin, this is also painful, so only use with diving suit) which remained hidden, or the cuff is too small and unstable. The supplied battery is a blue No.-name part in a special size, constraining the availability on specialist shops and the Internet. Because the lamp has the ability to operate with two AA batteries but it doesn't matter because you can get these at any kiosk. The charger looks very cheap, but does its purpose. Within an hour the battery was charged.

Commissioning of the dive light

first of all, the supplied battery, which is completely empty, must be loaded. This comes into the charger, that power is supplied via USB. An hour later it can go on.
  • The battery is inserted
  • the torch closed to the right and lit
  • the torch is turned down to the left
  • of the battery is pushed into the transparent plastic holder
  • left turned it goes off, right on
  • the arm cuff is pushed through the device with small diver to the Velcro portion to the outside
  • then the torch attached to the arm back is
  • to the other modes except the brightestwhich is the first mode, to get, you must put the lamp only from then again
switching on: lightest mode off and then again turn on: switching on and not so hellErneutes on: strobe mode

functions the torch

the torch OxyLED DF20 CREE has no dimmer function or other extras. There are three modes: two brightness levels and a strobe mode, one finds it hard without instructions. Strobe light (strobe) emits at short, regular intervals flashes of light and also tactical flash light is called. On land, it will confuse and defense used, whether it sufficiently confused a predatory fish to escape, I can't judge fortunately still. According to the manufacturer, the operating time in highest luminosity is only two hours. For my test I did the lamp in the highest brightness level and noticed only after 8 hours, that decreased the brightness. The torch is verified up to a depth of 25 metres to IPX8. The LED creed comes from the United States and bringing it to 500 lumens and will have a service life of 50,000 hours. I could not test but unfortunately.
  • Lights, only 500 lumens and for the price range, bright
  • up to 25 meters depth pressure keeps out
  • keeps much longer than the manufacturer promises
  • has three modes: very bright, bright and strobe light

the operating

light is very bright despite meager 500 lumens and can illuminate a small area well. Also the side lighting is sufficient, which is very helpful for the orientation on a night dive. When running the dive light with two AA batteries, the brightness remains the same - only the illumination time is limited then to four hours, what is sufficient for one or two dives. The underwater splendour of color remains unfortunately something on the track, because very cold light. The arm cuff is unfortunately a bit tight and not much holding the lamp, which you must constantly readjust diving. Here, one should consider to invest in a better arm cuff. The torch is due to the low weight and the size of main lamp, as both a backup lamp. Who is on the road with a good tank HID lamp and these small dive light as a reserve with it has, is well equipped.

Drying and storing

dried briefly with a cloth, the dive light fits perfectly into the provided box and accessories. Before the lamp is put back into operation, it is advisable to recharge the battery completely.


with the torch of OxyLED you get a handy and powerful head lamp, also known as backup lamp may be at a very reasonable price. The cuff should be replaced by a better. The processing is good and has survived the dive lights test well. Who wants to see an optimal color world, but should fall to the better dive lights in the middle and high price range with fluorescence technique.

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