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Test report: Xiaomi Mi Band Fitness Tracker

If you want to opt for a Smartband or Fitnesstracker, this should always be done in the right way. The new device is great in handling, but only if this is done correctly. The device from this performance is the Xiaomi Mi Band. This is initially quite favorable in the purchase. The buyer does not have to spend much money and gets a band that can also keep up with other fitness bands of well-known manufacturers perfectly. Moreover, the tape is easy and easy to use. It is barely visible and can be easily hidden under a normal bracelet. But it should always be worn on the wrist, so it can work properly. Also the battery will last well with the band.  

The delivery

The order is simple and goes quite fast. Special knowledge is not required. The band can be put into the seller's shopping cart and the order can be completed. The correct delivery address should not be forgotten in any case, nor the payment method. When everything has been confirmed, the tape can be delivered. The delivery itself will not be long in coming.  

The design and wearing comfort

The band looks great and is quite narrow. The height of the tape will not affect the wearing comfort at all. This is practically under one centimeter. The bracelet might be softer, but wearing comfort is good. The closure proves to be somewhat difficult to close. Once you have done this, you will have no problems with the creation. In addition, you can also help.  

Charging and running time of the battery

The tape comes with a suitable USB adapter. This must also be used to charge the tape. But those who have enjoyed the adventurous pleasure will be absolutely delighted by the Akkulaufzeit itself. The battery keeps quite a long time and when you consider how short the charging time is, is again a really great circumstance. This means that the tape can be used for up to 3 weeks without a charging process over a longer period of time. This is perfect and also great for any user. For as already said, the placing and depositing is not so simple. But to increase the battery life, the individual functions can be controlled via app on the smartphone.  

The software

If you do not want to deal with the software, here is a great possibility. The Mi Band can be operated with another software from the Appstore. This is easy to install and supports the individual functions perfectly. The user can thus exploit the full potential of the device and will be enthusiastic. It is also good to know.  

For the price of

As already mentioned in the introduction, this aid is really cheap. This is also high quality for the price and the buyer can look forward to a great quality. The buyer will quickly see if the tape is suitable. Because he should try it out right away and convince himself of the great functionality.  

Software: Light and not so accurate

The Mi Band has not only numerous advantages, but also a few flaws, which should be mentioned. The steps are not counted as precisely as you might want. This might be a reason for a buyer to break a purchase. But you should not forget how little money the device ultimately costs. Because it is extremely cheap and can still do a lot. It will be an indispensable helper in sports.


Conclusion guyMany buyers appreciate a good fitness bracelet. The Mi Band is solid and meets the needs of the user, even if it does not count so accurately. This is not so important for most users. Many are doing sports and just want to know how high the calorie consumption is. With the Mi Band you can now clarify exactly this. The band is usually really good and will also meet the requirements of a buyer. This can fulfill a great desire and now finally exercise as he pleases. This is why everything is here for purchase.  

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