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Review: Withings Pulse Ox Wearable


What you should know about the Withings Pulse Ox

The Whiting Pulse Ox Wearables is a tracker that lets you keep track of all activities of the user. It is about vital signs and here was found in a test how good this product really is. Many people want to know exactly how their own vitality works and what values are really important like. Heartbeat, pulse and all movements are measured with this elegant and very comfortable to wear tape on his arm. The pursuit of an activity profile is the target of efforts. This heart rate monitors and activity meter displays in Test no weaknesses, because you do it quite simply the data directly from the bracelet on the iPhone or any other device that is driven transfer.  

Wear is your Way, the slogan for the product shows the way

Every course, every move whether in sleep or while walking, everything is recorded and in the end leads to a personal and individual profile. This allows accurately determine how much exercise and rest on the day of user generated as a personal performance profile. One can thus determine exactly how the heartbeat and pulse rate during sports activities and rest periods does.The results at the end of an exercise program, because many people suffer from lack of exercise. Not only the athlete needs such a vital instrument but actually everyone. This can be the quiet type for athletes. The values give motivation because we see exactly when you move too little. The results at the end of an impressive overall picture and make frighten contemporaries.  

Things that can be measured

In the test, all of which pointed the Withings Pulse Ox wearables is measured. First, there are the steps and movements that allow conclusions on general consumption of calories. Then shows this little band with the digital probe nor the heart rate and gives insights into the oxygen levels during sleep and at physical stress. It takes all of this to an analysis, the small computer on the wrist that monitors the entire body. All parameters of the body to be taken to a Vital-profile together and how safe are the values? In the test, showed slight variations, but not carry weight, because the big picture is crucial. In various movements changed values that have actual analysis has no further effect at the end of the emerged.  

Health Tracker are in vogue

The user would like to know exactly what his activities bring today. How does sports and general movement of the vitality. This Tracker Withings the Pulse OX Wearabless is such a tracker, which collects a lot of data and thus parameters. At the end of the evaluation is a very sophisticated software and then shows whether we should move more and how one's body reacts to this movement. Even sleep is monitored and you can see how the body recovers during sleep. This tracker is active around the clock and measures all activities. Also, the oxygen content in the blood is measured through the skin and the result is an impressive overall picture. This product is convincing and all data on the phone or a PC are received via Bluetooth. This is followed by the analysis and all diehard enthusiasts can then use it to create a training plan for example.  

Measure and improve

there is to a matching Tracker app that makes it easy so that even to achieve improvements. Insufficient exercise is everybody's and this Tracker makes permanent analysis perfectly. One can also carry this tracker to clothing and so do you get the values of the steps and all movements. It is a new health product, because only those who know how much activity in it is, which can then also make appropriate changes. Everything is important, because such as breathing reacts at night and how high is the oxygen saturation during sleep. They are then to take countermeasures important indicators.  

What is there for the money and which delivery is offered

  • Available in many attractive colors
  • Accessories also available
  • Health Tracker
  • digital display
  • free app for evaluation
  • instruction manual
  • Bluetooth transfer

This Tracker adapts and learns

The test showed that Tracker learns quickly. He really shows all values reliable and gives an accurate overview of all the important metrics that you need to follow permanently to its vitality. Trains are much the Tracker notes the exact power levels and in the evaluation can decide whether to increase his training. So one can say is to seek a better life in the situation and to achieve an improvement.  

The right lauds and Training

This tracker recognized in the test when the user properly trained, bestowed an overview and gives the statistics of running and race. Users receive immediate access to its data and on the phone everything is saved when moving.So you can keep track and actively manage his training.  

Even at night activity is present

Since the Tracker also works at night, if one leaves it to the body, all values are recorded here. The sleep laboratory on own wrist that saves effort and gives an impressive picture of the sleep cycle. Whether you can change its sleep now is questionable, but at least we learn how to sleep and then their health is also here.  

The heartbeat and the activity

Even a simple hang up the index finger on the back of the Tracker generates the signal of the heartbeat. Here, this frequency is then transmitted and there is also a secure image, as well proposes own heart. In addition, there are values such as the pulse and the blood oxygen content. This results in cooperation with the evaluation via the app, the important image that a user needs in order to coordinate its activities.  

The coaching of Tracker

The user gets help because all the parameters give a statistic. The app and the corresponding program evaluate the values complete and it is carried out a training analysis. It saves the path to personal coach, because the basis of these proposals can increase his exercises, his running and movement. So you can impressively pursue a training plan that was found in the test very beneficial and it's fun to follow the instructions. No one is overwhelmed.


conclusion guyThe conclusion of the test is a product that can not be on inventiveness missing. This is one to increase to be able to exercise targets and all the important values are included. Permanent and safe this little computer is running on the wrist and measures all values such as oxygen content of the blood, heart rate and pulse. The tracker is sure to personalize and can this data of course also secure if you use the app. The customer gets inexpensive optimal training equipment and at an acceptable price.

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