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Test report: Razer Nabu X Fitness Tracker

The Razer Nabu X Social Wearable Smartband black is a smart tape that has an attractive exterior and many features.  

What is recorded and displayed?

This smartwatch is capable of capturing all relevant data with the integrated pulse technology developed by Razers. It is thereby possible thanks to a very effective activity tracking. There is no unnecessary data that distracts from the actual operation. This Smartband does not have a display. The interface is very simple and the Razer Nabu X Social Wearable is very easy to use. The measured values that are recorded include the steps taken distance traveled calories active minutes resting time (sleep mode).  

Elastic bracelet and light weight

The Razer Nabu X Social Wearable Smartband features a very elastic bracelet, which is very elegant and everyday. The Smartwatch is also waterproof according to IP67. Thanks to the elasticity of the bracelet, this wristbands nestle wonderfully around the wrist of the user.  

Simple design

The exterior of the Razer Nabu X Social Wearable Smartband is considered very discreet and unobtrusive. The bracelet is available in a single size, but fits very well around most wrists. The bracelet is made of a very skin-friendly soft-touch material. Except in black, this Smartband is also available in two other attractive colors. Namely in white and green. In black, however, the Smartband is now the most inconspicuous and fits every outfit. The size of this Smartband is 25,3x15x9,5 cm. The weight you have when wearing this smart band on the wrist is just 82 grams. This smart band is hardly noticeable on the wrist.  


Vibrations and also LEDs indicate the values that this Smartwatch can measure. Data transmission from bracelet to bracelet is also possible. That is, communication between two Razer smartbands of this type is possible over a certain distance. This enables, for example, encounters of like-minded people on a social level, but can also serve mutual control when partners wear these devices. In the first place, however, this function is intended to close new friendships during the workout, ie to get to know people with the same interests and to train together with them. Multiplayer games can also be played with the Razer Nabu X Social Wearable Smartband. The open developer platform also allows third-party apps to be installed. These can also have an entertaining character.  

Easy handling

The Nabu X Social Wearable Smartband by Razer is easy to use. In order to check the previously saved targets, it is only necessary to tap the device twice. It is useful to adjust the device to show the progress of the training. It can be shown how far the user had walked and how many calories burned during an activity. And also how long the battery still holds, can be seen by simply double-tapping the device. A lot more data can be displayed via the three LEDs. Simply double the sensor module of the bracelet!  

Battery life

Equipped is the Razer Nabu X Social Wearable Smartband with a lithium-ion battery. The recharge time is indicated by the manufacturer with 5 to 7 days. Only then does the Smartband have to go back to the charger.  


Conclusion guyThe Razer Nabu X Social Wearable smartband has more features than you might think at first sight. But the thin band, which is very beautiful and unobtrusive around the wrist, is full of surprises. The Smartband from Razer also proves that such a tracking device also goes without a conspicuous and elaborate display. The Razer Nabu X Social Wearable smartband has only three LEDs, but it can still display a lot of value, which is very useful in the fight against the excess pounds and in the fight that no more pounds come back.   The Smartband is also a device with which a data transmission from bracelet to bracelet of the same kind can take place. It is therefore possible to train and control the power with this device. But the Smartband is also suitable for making new social contacts and for gaming.

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