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Review: Jawbone UP3 Fitness Tracker

The third fitness bracelet from the manufacturer Jawbone is the Jawbone UP3. This is compatible with all Android and Apple iOS devices. It contains numerous interesting features, such as a particularly comprehensive sleep analysis, which actually detects low, light and REM sleep phases and includes heart rate measurement. In addition, this fitness bracelet has a sleep phase alarm including vibration alarm and all other features for tracking health and movement data. Furthermore it consists of a rubber material, so it can be worn particularly comfortably. This bracelet is available in black.  

Processing and delivery

Regarding the material, the UP3 has no weaknesses because it is excellently processed. This fitness bracelet is absolutely solid. However, it is possible that small scratches will occur over time. Due to the particularly ergonomic design of this bracelet, this bracelet can be worn as comfortably as if almost nothing were there. It is only possible when the corresponding arm is placed on a table that it becomes quite unpleasant in an appropriately unfavorable posture. This is due to the slightly pointed sensors. When the fitness wrist strap is delivered with the tracker, a USB charging cable as well as a brief guide is included. The UP3 can be adjusted continuously from 140 to 190 millimeters for nearly every wrist. With its 29 grams, the weight does not pose a problem. The fitness bracelet can be recharged very quickly with the included USB cable. In addition, the UP3 is splashproof. The shower is therefore possible without problems.  


The UP3 does not have a display. The user can only contact the tape via the smartphone app or via LEDs. Switching on the sleep mode and other basic functions can be switched on by tapping on this bracelet. In the UP3, of course, all functions such as the food, sleep, activity record, SmartCoach as well as the monitoring of the heart rate are available. Because of the differences between the heart rate and the pulse of the day, the band is able to measure the heart rate and provide better health information. These results are very accurate. These can almost keep up with the medical devices. There are problems only when you start to sweat a bit. Because then, the sensors seem to lose contact with the corresponding skin area more frequently, resulting in inaccurate results. The advantage is that the UP3 has a Bluetooth connection and thus all data are immediately ready for call-up on all devices. According to the manufacturer, you have to recharge the battery at the latest in seven days.  


This fitness bracelet is simple and self explanatory. With this device one hardly need to do anything, as by some shining LEDs receive information. Everything else takes place in the app. This is always the same as before. It is very clear. Here you can quickly get to know all the information you would like to have. Thus, it is possible in the app to display and analyze all statistics and values for these activity units. In addition, you can create targets for the current day as well as longer-term goals as well as keep track of them on the basis of the data of the bracelet. This always shows you automatically when you are away from the desired path. This band also works with the corresponding point of nutrition. It is possible to enter barcodes as well as individual menus. The app shows how healthy and well you are eating with the food score. On a corresponding scale from one to ten, this shows how healthy your own diet is actually.  


The UP3 can only contribute to the motivation through the built-in LEDs, which actually makes it as far as possible. It reminds us, for example, of eating a meal for too long, or not doing enough sport to reach the day's goal. Furthermore it is possible that the app provides a good motivation. Because of the numerous data she gets, these tips can give you how to eat something healthy or drink more liquid.


Conclusion guyThe Jawbone UP3 represents a successful extension of the UP2 Fitness Bracelet, especially by heart rate measurement. It is also very beneficial to keep your own pulse in view even during the long term. The results of the measurements are particularly accurate and therefore very good to use, so that you can live healthier. This fitness bracelet is more appropriate to monitor and improve your own health than to use it for certain sports. The UP3 fits to those who attach great importance to the look and want to track their activities every day.

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