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Test report: Garmin Vivosmart Fitness Tracker

The Garmin Vivosmart Fitness Tracker is a great help in everyday life that can do a lot. More and more people are concerned about their health and fitness and want to do some sports. But this is only a good help at hand. The Fitnesstracker is great and will be perfect. It's all better with it. Everyone can now convince themselves of this. This device is simply attached to the bracelet and looks really great. The tracker will also be easy to use. Anyone can connect the device to their smartphone, as long as it is compatible. But this should be looked at in advance. What the Fitnesstracker can do and how reliable it is can now be read and simply found out. 

The tracker itself

The Tracker came safely packaged and very well functioning. The device is not large and also not heavy. The first charging can be done within a very short time, so you can get started. Everyone should still download the app on the smartphone and it's all going to count with the steps and the many more features.  

The test

It was tested over a long working day. This always stretches over nine hours, and a lot of running and sitting. So the tracker has also warned one time or another time and animated. The tracker can display the steps and thus also the run distance. Many users often realize how much they actually move throughout the day. On the test day was also renounced on the vehicle, because it should also be measured everything. The fitness should be improved optimally.  

What can the device do?

The tracker is actually a smartband that can display the steps. Each user can already set a daytime goal in the run-up and thereby also try to comply with this. Then also the calorie consumption can be displayed and the distance. The date and time will also be displayed after printing. The Tracker makes a Bluetooth connection with the smartphone. It can also be connected via USB to your PC. The bracelet holds up to seven days, which is really enormous. Then there are also the notifications. This is a special feature. The bracelet will send notifications to your smartphone. It has a vibration alarm, which is really good, because it will not sleep from now on. Also the alarm function is really good and can convince. The Fitnesstracker makes a lot and looks modern. He will make a lot of fun in everyday life and make everything a little more relaxed. Thanks to the bracelet, everything is better and the motivation goes up again every day and should remain there.  

Why Vibrationsalarm?

This alarm is useful because the tracker is always working and does not take any breaks. If nothing is right, the device will react and vibrate. This is a great feature of Vivosmart. This is also the version v4.0. All this works via Bluetooth.  

Which operating system does the smartphone have?

The fitness strap is fully compatible with iOS 7 and can be used perfectly here. Also Android is possible. Since version 4.3 should be available. The smartphone will be best to let the day end and read everything. But it can also be connected to the PC. Here also works Windows or Mac OS. This makes the evaluations perfect and the bracelet is thus also up to date. The bracelet can do even more. It has a well readable OLED display. This also allows to be operated by touch control. The watch also has a swipe function. Also this is great and easy to control. Overall, this is a good bracelet.


Conclusion guy Many are hard at work with the sport and are hard to implement. It always needs a motivation thrust, which will be helpful in all possible exercises. This bracelet is good and fits perfectly. It will do well on your own wrist and looks fashionable chic. The bracelet makes everything lighter and easier to handle. It is easy to use and will otherwise meet all possible requirements that the user can only make. Everyone is motivated by the bracelet and will soon feel better. The bracelet is an investment that will pay off. Never before has a fitness tracker been so durable and useful. Of course, something more money has to be planted here, but this is not bad. Everyone can do something good with this bracelet and will also enjoy it. The bracelet is really great and also makes a lot of pleasure. The bracelet is also easy to use and will always be a good help. It is ready and ready to use at any time.

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