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Test report: Skandika Triathlon Pro Fitnessbike

To stay healthy and fit, there are many different possibilities. For many people, it is important that they can complete their own fitness program in their own four walls. That is why the Skandika Triathlon Pro Fitnessbike was developed and brought to the market. The fitness bike is characterized by the high-quality materials that have been perfectly matched to each other. With the Skandika Triathlon Pro Fitnessbike you have a very professional fitness bike, which meets all requirements, the sportsman. With a total weight of 51 kilograms, the unit can be installed in all rooms and the floor does not have to be secured several times. The feet are used to ensure that the fitness bike remains firmly in place. With the dimensions of 125 x 50 x 120 cm, the fitness bike can also be found in every corner. All athletes weighing no more than 145 kilograms can exercise without problems with the fitness bike. 

The Fitnessbike from Skandika - technically a highlight

For some people, however, it is not enough to do some sport. No, it is important to accurately document all values, such as calorie consumption, pulse and speed. With the Skandika Triathlon Pro Fitnessbike, the athlete has all these values, and much more. This is why it is so often used. All values are displayed via a large LED display. The fitness bike has a flywheel of 20 kilograms. The heart rate of the athlete is analyzed by means of hand-held sensors. With all these values, the athlete, exactly the fitness program, gets what suits him. This allows for targeted training without the risk of collapse.  

Equipped with all the refinements - Skandika fitness bike

In order to avoid a wrong attitude on the bike, it is equipped with a comfortable professional saddle which can be adjusted very precisely horizontally and vertically. This is made possible by the stepless fine adjustment. The handlebars of the fitness bike, on the other hand, can only be adjusted vertically. But is nevertheless suitable for every professional sportsman. In addition, the sportsman can adjust the load capacity quickly and very precisely via the Cantilever monoblock system. With the best of this device, the athlete does not need ear plugs. The Poly-V longitudinal rib belt is very quiet, so the sub-tenant does not know when and how long is trained with the device.The brake system has also been designed so that it is very quiet and also maintenance-free.  

Power can not be a fitness machine

Every athlete who trains with the Skandika Triathlon Pro Fitnessbike can decide for themselves what performance is to be trained on this day. The range of services starts at 30 watts and ends at 600 watts. All steps can be fine-tuned without problems. The axle from the bottom bracket is 109 cm and has been specially hardened. Even the pedals can be customized. This means that the pedestal pedals can also be fine-tuned so that a 360 degree load on the muscles is possible. Even if the training with the Skandika Triathlon Pro Fitnessbike is very easy and completely uncomplicated, the athlete should nevertheless make sure that he does not take over. Too high an estimation of the forces can have a harmful effect on health. In order to counteract this process, a professional consultation can be consulted.


Conclusion guy If you are thinking about buying a new fitness bike, you should definitely consider the Skandika Triathlon Pro Fitness Bike. With this fitness bike the athlete gets a program, where an aerobic condition training, the fat burning, an optimal strength and muscle training as well as the weight reduction, is precisely coordinated. Even if the price is slightly higher, the investment is worthwhile. A visit to the gym is not always cheaper. The transport of the Skandika Triathlon Pro Fitnessbike also turns out to be a children's game. The supplied transport rollers make it possible. Since an optimal supply of liquid is also very important in sports, the sportsman is supplied with a drinking bottle. This can be attached perfectly to the fitness bike. The bottle bottle holder is responsible for this. By the way, the Skandika Triathlon Pro Fitness Bike can also be used to prepare for international competitions.

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