The best window vacuum cleaners 2016 / Window vacums test: the best window cleaner compared

Window vacums test: the best window cleaner compared

Window sucker save time and effort when cleaning windows. Drippy dirty water or streaks on the windows are history thanks to the useful tools of the past.

We have compared some of the most popular cordless window sucker together.

Window sucker haven’t same penetration as vacuum cleaners – they are, however, not so long. But you can them already in the household appliances market now a successful future prophesy: increasingly well-known companies as Karcher, Leifheit or Vileda produce sophisticated and inexpensive devices that make the classic Fenstersäubern by chamois, lint-free cloth or paper towel superfluous.

How these modern window cleaners now function exactly what they can and costs and any other important information about “window sucker”: you will find in the following sections.

The name gives a hint already: window sucker suck dirt and water from windows. For this to happen optimally, the windows need to edit but before using the actual nipple.

Therefore, the devices are usually delivered with a spray bottle, with the first one distributes the cleaning liquid onto the window pane. Then you can with the mounted on the spray bottle microfiber mop cover thoroughly clean the disk, and then in the last step with the nipple aspirate fluid.


Kärcher window sucker

Included with the Kärcher WV 5 Premium include a spray bottle with microfibre, 20 milliliter glass cleaner concentrate and an additional narrow nozzle with a width of 17 cm.

Kärcher provides a cleaning performance of 105 square meters (sqm) per battery charge for this battery operated vacuum cleaner.


So overall a short process, definitely connected shorter and with less physical effort than the classic remote Ster brushing with chamois leather, tissues and kitchen paper, in which also the drying of the plate has caused some trouble.

In which areas of the house window sucker is used? Actually in all, because windows are usually spread throughout the house. In the basement there are not always large windows, but glass doors and other smooth surfaces can also be found there.Ultimately, it is irrelevant whether a window is on the ground floor or in the attic, it need only be reasonably easily accessible for cleaning.

If that is not the case – such as in a conservatory in which the roof is glazed -., Can window sucker still be used well, since one is a so-called most ” telescopic rod can to buy”, engaged in the battery window suckers off of Kärcher eg up to 2 meters can. In most cases, however, you will be able to reach all the windows of a household without telescopic pole with the run of the hand vacuum cleaner.


Window sucker Leifheit

Some window sucker are supplied with a telescopic pole (eg the Leifheit 51147) or it is available as an optional accessory.

This way, even hard to reach areas with the window sucker clean.


It remains to be noted that window sucker not only come on windows for use, but also on glass tables, glass doors, mirrors, shower stalls or tiles, ever can these devices use to clean all smooth and waterproof surfaces (eg for the walls and the floor of Bad or WC).

Some manufacturers (such as Kärcher) deliver together with the window sucker always equal to a bottle of cleaning fluid . For other one has to buy these separately.

What type of glass cleaner is now used if the manufacturer of the window sucker or another company, the window sucker is ultimately matter: he sucks anyway from everything he is offered. For the user of the device, it is sufficient to know that the glass cleaner liquids that are delivered together with the window sucker, all of which are comparable to a conventional glass cleaner.

So you can readily in a spray bottle use a cleaner liquid from Leifheit, if you then with a vacuum cleaner from Kärcher sucks the liquid.



First, the glass surface should be sprayed with a cleaning liquid. Often these already included with the window cleaner.

Special Reiniungskonzentrate help stubborn stains to solve.


In addition to the normal glass cleaner liquid, which is supplied as standard with the Kärcher suction cups, this company has incidentally also a so-called. ” Window Cleaner Concentrate ” in a tear-off package at. This concentrate was used to at a particularly stubborn soiling of a window. The dirt can be removed much more easily from the glass when using the concentrate.

The cleaning of a window using a window sucker goes in two steps in front of him: first processed to the glass surface using the cleaning liquid to the microfiber mop cover the spray bottle. This first part of the window cleaning should not be underestimated: it can sometimes take a little longer, depending on what sort of dirt and how much of it is waiting on the windows on the cleaning.

If one has now completely solved the dirt on the disc, the so machined window area is the 2nd step suctioned window sucker , ie the wastewater incl. Dissolved therein detergent is detected by the rubber lip of the nipple and sucked into the tank for the dirty water.

Usually one will move it to the vacuum cleaner with the rubber lip from top to bottom on the surface to be sucked off. One can the nipple also transversely or even move over the head, but should always remember one thing: the movement must alwaystoward the lower equipment end take place, never toward the tip of the nipple – in this case, would the wastewater so on and not flow beneath the rubber lip, with unpleasant consequences for the operator!


Suction of dirty water

When vacuuming the dirty water should be careful to move the rubber lip of the top down on the glass or window surface.

For hard to reach areas is a narrow suction lip of advantage that counts on some models with the delivery.


Because of the built-in suction of suction needed total now considerably less time than when wiping by hand – what one of themain advantages is the window sucker compared to the traditional window cleaning.

Another advantage of some window sucker from our comparison table is the presence of two different Saugaufsätze : a wide and a narrow suction lip can facilitate namely the suction, the narrower eg for smaller or hard to reach areas. The premium edition of Kärcher machines about (ie the WV5 and WV2 , respectively indicated as “Premium”) is always with additional suction nozzle fitted.

The most important accessory a window sucker is initially the cleaner consisting of spray and microfiber cloth. Not always the cleaning liquid is supplied, then one must be to buy them. But all together, so spray bottle, cleaning liquid and microfiber cloth are absolutely necessary accessory for a working window cleaning system.

However: even if everything belongs together that, it is often sold separately. The cleaning fluid is eventually consumed, worn the microfibre cloth, so that they must be replaced with new parts.

An important accessory of a window fan so of course the battery . In most cases, the window cleaning equipment are among ourcomparison table contains a lithium-ion battery. They have the advantage over the NiCd and NiMh batteries (almost) no self-discharge, longer life and no memory effect, ie no capacity decrease by frequent partial discharges.


Kärcher WV5 Plus

The majority of window cleaning equipment has a modern lithium-ion battery, which guarantees a long lifetime.

The pictured model WV 5 Plus Kärcher displays the current battery charge level in the handle.


Some of our window sucker are also having a spare battery supplied. This is especially handy if you have to clean once more than 100 square meters of window area: then you just change the battery and processed the next 100 square meters. This case, however, only very rarely occur, as in a fully glazed conservatory.

Important in this context is also specified by the manufacturer cleaned per battery charge in square meters . Good devices make it there on more than 100 square meters, so that you can edit guaranteed the entire window area of a normal apartment with a fully charged battery.

Facilities include some devices, a so-called. “Automatic standby system” . This is understood as follows: For a longer break this system will automatically shut down, saving battery life – such as when waiting for a traffic light: the car engine automatically turns there already many cars from.

Below for each manufacturer of devices from our window cleaner comparison chart a short description:


A native of Baden-Württemberg company Kärcher provides since 1950 Cleaning Equipment and Systems manufactures and employs more than 11,000 people (as of 2014). Kärcher is instrumental in the development of high-pressure cleaners. The company is so successful with their products that their name now in the form of the terms “Karcher” and “kärchern” passed into the German vernacular is (hard to believe, but true: a “Kärcher” has become the generic term for steam pressure cleaning equipment).


Leifheit is a German company that manufactures household products, cleaning equipment, dryer, ironing tables and all sorts of kitchen gadgets. It employs over 1,000 people serving in several European countries branches.

Leifheit currently produces only a window sucker that can be combined, however, with many accessories. He also has anautomatic power control : when the device is turned on, it is in the “standby state” and has low power consumption.


In recent times one has cleaned the proven “chamois” the window. Modern cleaning cloths should therefore at least as good “as leather” can work. And a company that manufactures cleaning cloths, this could indeed be a company name, the so “like leather” sounds. And here we are at the German company Vileda that the Vileda window cloth brought 1948 on the market and thus also had international success. Today the company provides next to the window cleaner with the pretty name “Windomatic” numerous household products here that have something to do all with the theme of “cleaning”.

The charging time for the batteries of the window sucker from our comparison table is (unfortunately) still a multiple of the duration. For half an hour runtime must reckon on at least 3 hours of charging.

So if you really want even use more than half an hour the nipple, is well advised to a device with removable battery pack to buy, so that one has the possibility, after the end of the term of the first battery simply the second (fully charged) use. The window sucker from the WV5 series of Kärcher example provide this option so that you can clean these devices also very large areas (distributed around over several floors).

But one thing we must not forget: the window cleaning itself is always associated with physical exertion – as long as one does not use a robot for (also already exists, see about the window cleaning robot Ecovacs WINBOT W930 (link is external)). Usually you will therefore make do with a single battery charge and it does not feel the 2-3 hour charge time as a disadvantage.

Our comparison table for a detailed list and description of the main features of the device.

You will also find the calculated final grade , the Amazon valuation and the best deals for each model. Clicking on the final grade will take you for the detailed calculation of the score, the results from the category ratings and the percentage of the category in the overall result.

If you agree with a device, so you can purchase it via the specified online ordering. We ourselves do not sell products. Our goal is to provide you useful information to make an informed buying decision available.

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