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White Knight 28009W Washing machine

White Knight 28009W Washing machine


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Test report: White Knight 28009W Clothes sling

Setup and start-up:

The White Knight 28009W lawn slinger can be set up and started up in just a few minutes with just a few hand movements. Even for untrained, it is easy to make the White Knight 28009W functional. The included instructions are easy to understand and helpful, although it is not necessary because of the ease of use.
When purchasing the White Knight 28009W, please note that the clothes sling is supplied with an English-style power supply. Thus the purchase of an adapter for the German power grid is necessary. An adapter of this kind can be purchased at any hardware store or electronics store. The use of the adapter proves to be problem-free since the connection voltage of 230 V and 50 Hz is identical.

Overall, the White Knight 28009W impresses with its good workmanship. The selected materials appear high-quality, joints and weld seams are processed cleanly.
The White Knight 28009W has a built-in laundry protection that prevents the “sock-eater phenomenon” and protects your laundry during the spinning process.
The White Knight 28009W is ideal for drying handwash and is ideally suited for use in a camper, caravan or campsite due to its compact design.

The overall result is a very good centrifugal performance and surpasses any washing machine with a centrifugal function. By gentle treatment of the laundry, your washing will not be as frizzy as with the use of the centrifugal function of a washing machine.


Energy efficiency

The White Knight 28009W washer extractor not only saves time, but also energy and thus cash. Due to its remarkable performance of 2800 rpm, the White Knight 28009W dries your laundry quickly, gently and significantly faster than a conventional washing machine. Whether using the White Knight 28009W to dry the laundry in the air, or in a clothes dryer, the drying time is considerably reduced.


Spin program and additional functions

The White Knight 28009W has no special programs or additional features. Despite its 2800 revolutions per minute, it is very quiet, free of vibrations, even with a steady load, and is convincing by a low noise emission.


Guarantee and security

The manufacturer of the White Knight 28009W offers the customer one year warranty. However, there is no right to return in case of noncompliance since it is an English product.
The White Knight 28009W laundry centrifuge stands on stabilizing and sound damping rubber feet. This results in an impressive run and stability.
The safety lock, reduces the risk of injury and opening the machine during operation.



Amazon Bestseller rank # 1 in category “Clothes sling”



  • Saves money due to reduced running time of a clothes dryer or washing machine with centrifugal function
  • Due to its compact design
  • Saves time since the drying time is considerably reduced after washing
  • Due to the rubber feet, the White Knight 28009W has a considerable rest
  • Good workmanship, high quality materials
  • Good price performance ratio compared to other models in their class



  • Needs a German power adapter
  • Due to the English origin, a return in case of non-cancellation is excluded


Technical details

  • Manufacturer: White Knight
  • Model number: 28009W
  • Product dimensions: 36 x 36 x 64 cm
  • Product weight: 12 kg
  • Centrifugal performance: 2800 revolutions per minute
  • Centrifugal drum: stainless steel
  • Discontinued Items: no
  • Capacity: 4 kilograms
  • Connection voltage: 230V, 50Hz



Conclusion guy
The White Knight 28009W offers at a moderate price a very good quality. It is a must for any household that wants to save money by reducing the running time of clothes dryers. The White Knight 28009W also proves to be a useful helper for campers as it does not take up a lot of space with its compact dimensions.
If you are looking for a solid, reliable and useful washing machine for a good price – performance ratio, the White Knight 28009W will not be overlooked. The multiplicity of advantages of this machine, the shortcomings of the English power plug quickly forgotten.

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