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When should a dust be sucked?

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Can one at 21 o’clock vacuuming yet? What if the neighbor complained? Read here what is allowed and how the noise level when vacuuming can be reduced.

The question on which days and at what time to what you could vacuum to provide residents of single-family homes probably rare, because here it is unlikely that the neighbors mitbekämen ever. Quite different in multi-family houses. Here you can hear not only the dispute or the loud music from next door, if you’re unlucky, also steps on the upper floor are audible. In such an environment, consideration and respect are particularly important, since otherwise inevitably comes to a neighborhood dispute. Because vacuum cleaners are relatively loud equipment after all, so you should also be aware that their operation is clearly audible in the surrounding apartments. One should therefore try to suck just outside the usual rest periods. If one considers some points during vacuuming, the noise level can thereby also kept relatively low, so that no one has to feel disturbed. But what are the “usual rest periods”?

Legally prescribed rest periods

The question of the legal regulation is not so easy to answer, because depends on numerous factors. So federal states, municipalities and especially spas can identify very own, different regulations and the residential area (eg industrial area, commercial area, residential area, etc.) can affect the thresholds. Generally but you can still say that should be in the nocturnal hours 22-7 pm at loud noises and thus dispense with vacuuming. Exclusively on Sundays also a midday rest period 13-15 clock is common. But these are really just the general guidelines and of course you go a lot better if you adapt to the circumstances in the house here. If the neighbors have, for example, young children who take a nap even daily, you can score by just takes well regardless. Generally communication is much more important for a good climate in the neighborhood, as the stubborn adherence to legal regulations.

vacuuming possible, quietly

When it out late at night to suck “must” or the surrounding residents generally just do not want to annoy unnecessarily, the noise can be reduced with some simple tips to a minimum:

  1. Suction power use: Most current vacuum cleaners are equipped with an electronic suction power, save the power and the volume can be reduced. Especially on hard floors, the suction force can be significantly reduced without the result would be noticeably worse.
  2. Vacuum regularly serviced: blockages, cracks, old filter and dust bag full can contribute to higher and especially nervigeren noise. It is therefore important to clean the vacuum cleaner about three to four times times a year and to replace wear parts such as filters as needed. This not only reduces the volume, it helps thesuction force to maintain and prolong the life.
  3. Only the most necessary: If you have to suck in the evening a bit later, you should limit ourselves to the essentials. So really only clean the soiled areas fix and then not start the furniture to dislocate.
  4. Batten down the hatches: sucked While should be firmly closed all windows and doors. This prevents the sound to spread out evenly and ensures that the neighbors are not unnecessarily harassed loud.
  5. Robotic vacuum as an alternative: Modern vacuum cleaner robot not only have the advantage that they are already working anyway relatively small, it can also be programmed and do the work at fixed time completely alone. So you can be sure that is exactly then sucked, if it bothers anyone really.

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