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What to do when the suction power decreases?

Decreased suction power can usually resolve in a few steps. Read here what are the common causes and what you can do about it.

A new vacuum cleaner convinces usually with pleasantly scented air and irrepressible suction. Thus, it may be over soon because well as sophisticated instruments can lose suction power after a short time. That might not be due to a technical fault and can often be corrected afloat themselves. Below we present the most common causes of loss of suction and explain what is going to do.

    1. Secondary air controller is open. This may sound too obvious and calls for an “I’m not stupid!” Response?Yes, already. But before you call customer service or even pulls out the screwdriver, the evidences should be removed. So make sure that the bypass vent is closed the handle.
    2. Spacing of the floor brush is too large. Most floor brushes have two settings, one for hard floors, one for carpets. But there are also models with five or even more height settings for the floor nozzle. So Check if the defective suction may be caused by incorrect for the flooring setting.
    3. Leaking connector. In English vacuum cleaner as “Vacuum Cleaner” are referred to, a more accurate name.Because in the vacuum cleaner, a vacuum (or negative pressure) is generated virtually, that is then passed through the tube, the tube and the nozzle further to the floor surface. This can only be done without major loss when all connections between vacuum cleaner, hose, tube and floor nozzle are tight. So best Loosen all connections again and make sure when plugging together, that all parts are good.

clean floor nozzle

    1. Floor nozzle is clogged. Next, we take the floor nozzle before and examine both openings. Have somewhere dust or worse set hairs here, which can reduce the effective suction. Remove coarse dirt with his hand and pat dust best outdoors from the nozzle.
    2. Vacuum cleaner bag is “full”. When it comes to vacuum cleaner bags, is the term “full” a very elastic. Some models can already reduce the suction power uncommonly a filled one third bag. This is equally true of bagless models. Once here the dust container is no longer completely empty, the suction force may decrease. If in doubt, so empty it, or replace the bag. If this brings no improvement, continue to do in paragraph 6.

Clean the filter and collecting container

  1. Filter is clogged. Some units have a filter, other even more and by the filter needs through the air. When a filter is very dirty, little air passes through only the suction and suffering. If that is the case, remove and clean the good piece. Some are just tapped out, others are water-washable, and still others are hard to get clean. Then helps only a spare filter to replace the old.
  2. Pipe / hose is blocked. If the measures taken so far have shown no improvement, a blockage could cause problems in the telescopic tube or hose. Unplug all items from each other and check the start and end of dirt.
  3. Hose is leaking. At this point, the vacuum cleaner will flash as new, but the suction is still unsatisfactory. In the case of the hose may be damaged and thus air and lose pressure. If no damage is visible to the naked eye, you could fill and check whether water is leaking somewhere the hose in the bathtub with water. If the problem is here, a wide adhesive tape to create around the hose Remedy. Alternatively, of course, would also be a spare tube in question.

If none of the listed here tips helped unfortunately is most probably due to a larger technical problem with the device itself. That would be either a case for the technician or a new vacuum cleaner is due.

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