The best Dual SIM cell phones 2016 / What is the ip class of mobile phones?

What is the ip class of mobile phones?

IP classes at cell phone

How well will my phone against water or dust?The IP rating indicates it. (C) fotolia # 77468420 |blackday

The IP rating indicates how well a cell phone is protected against water and dust. What exactly the individual protection levels mean can be found below in the overview .

When certifying the degree of protection is tested neutral, as foreign bodies or even water may damage the phone. The appropriate classification is important for anyone who wishes to use his phone sometimes worry in the rain or on the beach.

  • The first digit of the IP class is called the degree of protection against solid objects (dust).
  • The second digit indicates the protection class in relation to water damage.
  • The classification is based on DIN, EN 60529.

All IP protection classes at a glance

How the Table

If you want to know which dust and water protection as a specific dual SIM phone offers, you can read its IP class so: Locate the first number specified in the leftmost column, after the second number shown in the second column from the left ,

  • Example : A cell phone has protection IP57. Then this means that it is dust-protected (Paragraph 5, left column) and provides protection against temporary immersion (Paragraph 7, second column from the left).
  • Exception : If manufacturers want to call one of the two information only or can, the other digit is replaced by an “x”. So would IPx8 awaterproof phone call whose protection is unclear to foreign bodies.

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